• 650b and discs are overrated!


  • Took this for its debut and final ride today. At the furthest point from home the shifter blew up, leaving me stranded in 42x11 with a fair number of hills between me and home. Weirdly enjoyed the return leg, but I couldn't live with 42x11 all the time 😂

    Took it to the LBS this arvo. Turns out the shifter is fine. And an internal cable stop in the chainstay seems to have disintegrated. So I now have a choice to run it singlespeed or tell cinelli to shove it where the sun don't shine. The first frame they sent had QC issues and was returned and replaced with this. So I've lost faith and its shove time as far as I'm concerned. Shame as it was lovely until it broke.

    Not having much luck with bikes lately after the shock blew up on my trail bike on its 4th ride and that Spooky nightmare. Missing the midnight special which was reliable.

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  • Because I love posting a shit picture. Finally getting round to building this. Not really ridden in a few months due to accident.

    Wheels will be changed for 29. These are just what's lying about.

    Off to LA then cycling down to and around Mexico for a bit come boxing day. Should probs get a shift on.

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  • Ignore me, eyes not working!

  • Shame. Looks a lovely bike.

  • Ha. Ronin actually.

    Strictly's on series link natch

  • Yeah, the idea was to replace my road bike and Surly MS as it'll take a wide gravel 700c tyre, a 650x2.1 mtb tyre but would be a reasonable road bike with a set of 30c G-One speeds plugged in. But all those plans rely on gears so it's out on its ear. Shame, as you say, as it was actually feeling pretty good until it went pop.

  • Ah the one bike does all thing...


    Or open U.P.

  • Ronin actually.

    If there is doubt, there is no doubt.

  • TBH I might just ride my 29er and sack off the idea of drop bar bikes. All these failed attempts is costing me a fortune. The open up is way too pricey. Wish I'd kept my surly.

    Oh and your imminent trip sounds great 👍

  • This is looking promising. 50c tyres look mint. Bag is wizard works? Like the prints behind telly too.

  • Yeah 650 x 50s on at the mo but I'm gonna run 29 X 2.1s. Plenty of clearance. Really nicely finished and thought out frame.

    Skinny tubes and fat tires are fun.

    And yep. Wizard works bag on the back. Got bored of stuffing everything into sausage shaped bikepacking bags. Got that on the back and a top loading bag on the front

    Prints are QOTSA ones that I'm looking after for a mate.

  • Ha. Not my bag either but figure they're better off on a wall then on the floor.

    And bonus, my housemate hates them.

  • So having sold my Giant TCX advanced, sold my Victoire, had a nightmare with Spooky, had a great relationship with my Surly Midnight Special but stupidly sold that too and now this PITA with the Cinelli, I popped into my local Evans today just coz I was passing anyway. And saw an Arkose X with 25% off and TBH it looks just what I'm after. A no fuss do it all bike. Why didn't I just listen to this thread's title in the first place? Could have saved myself a bloody fortune.

  • Haha. I enjoyed my arkose.

    For a while. Then I basically ruined it.

  • Then I basically ruined it.


  • Sausage stuffing.

  • Bought the ss one. Which was great.

    Put a gevanelle on it. Which sorta ruined the fun of it everytime I shifted it pulled the brake.

    Then put Jones bars on it.

    Then a basket.

    Then got bored and sold it.

  • Hey. Has anyone fitted a 650b 2.1 or a 2.2 in the rear of a 2017 Arkose? Thanks

  • Rewatched a couple of days ago. Just superb.

  • @edscoble is the resident expert on all Arkose matters

  • And tyre pressures

  • Ignore me.
    I think I want to see out "converting my ss arkose to 1 x 10 and using it this winter".

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Gravel / Gravé / Gnarmac / Groad / Dutch beach racing bikes - aka just get an Arkose

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