• It would just be for pottering out in the lanes while it's wet as this bike has all the guards....

    In other news: I've got a stock pair of at least 4 year old arkose wheels (ss and disc)

    F r e e

  • Think i've still got these?


    Might even have an mtb mech somewhere.

  • Anyone running 700 x 50c GB guards on an arkose? Trying to work out off they’ll fit or if I need smaller tyres (hopefully not)

  • I don't know when your tour is planned but if you're on a budget I'd wait for the Decathlon Riverside brand relaunch (June 2020). You can see the different prototypes on IG.
    I know it's flat bars but they have invested a lot of money into it and it's going to be better value for money than the bikes you have mentioned.

  • Wowsers. These would do it....

    MTB Mech = MTB cassette and chain?
    As I've got slx wheels for this dream, it should work ok.

    PM. COMING .

  • 2020 I plan a month in the Caucasus (Georgia and Armenia), America is plan for 2021.
    Do I see it right that the Riversides are all alloy frame & alloy fork?

  • I ride a 2018 Arkose Alfine, with 8spd bar end shifter. Works well, with a rare gear shift caused by a knee bump when out the saddle. I like the setup

  • Had 55mm fitted.

  • Thanks. That's good to hear.

  • Yes. Triple butted and hydroformed 6061, lifetime warranty. Not unlike the Koga World Traveller, which is the reference after all.

  • I too enjoy the bar end shifter on the A8 to the point that normal shifters weird me out

  • I rode an Arkose 2 a lot a couple of years back and really liked the bar-ender. I like the rigid brake levers and the way the shifter was a bit further out of temptation's way, sort of like a variable SS at times. They're not for racers, I don't race so these days I prefer them to STIs for this type of bike. They do work better with bikes where you're in the drops a lot, if you're mainly on the hoods because you slammed your stem you might not like them so much. Still, even then they're not that far away.

  • @Chalfie why no STIs again?

  • Here's the deal:
    Migrate all of my cx bike old 105 1*bodge over lose hydro braking .

    Migrate just the rear mech, stick a bar end shifter, keep hydro braking.

    Bike is rarely used but has mudguards and I'm starting to need (mentally) to pop out on a bike at the weekend.

    Alternatively, move a new old groupset onto cross bike and stick guards on.

    Putting a bar end shifter on, new mech, stick a cassette on, new chain, rotors. Winning.

  • I'd just do cable discs ...

  • I know right?
    It just feels easier and less faff to chuck a bar end shifter on. And would mean two bikes move up to 11 speed.
    Old cross stuff has had a hard life of not being looked after well for at least 4 years.

  • I bet for the price of a bar end shifter you could get Claris full grouppo

  • I hate you.

  • Is that what you meant to write there?
    Why not "get Sora?" Really put the boot in.

  • Get a bar end shifter it's fine. The stock non-sti hydro brakes are really good, suspect you'd be disappointed if you spent money and effort on hydro STIs

  • Nah, Sora's too expensive ... Claris is cheaper ;)

  • But on a serious note ... I hate bar end shifters ... They're shit. STIs all the way. If your components on the CX bike are chewed through and it's a winter bike with guards etc, a cheap grouppo might actually make sense?

  • What about the new cable actuated hydros? Heard good things about them

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