• and some road bliss on a commuter that likes gravel.

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  • Right. The internet would probably implode on itself too and we wouldn’t want that.

  • Have a similar wishlist, and living on the continent atm I've been looking at the Omnium CXC and 8bar Mitte steel. In that order.

  • Im almost sure that this is from Finland!

  • Crosscountry ski track right?

  • haha, what made you think so?
    Yeah, it´s Tampere, Finland.

  • yes, in the winter it is exclusively ski track, in the summer gravel roads. they just made new lights and road so that gravel is smooth but still very soft.

  • Because im 100% familiar with that grayness... ;)

  • Haha, that’s why I have that yellow stava to bring some color to daily life.

  • Was after something that fitted those requirements and got a Cotic Roadrat (old 2nd hand one). Ample clearance for 700x42 or 650x47.

  • Flat mount is annoying imo

  • It’s not my cuppa either!

    Can’t find fault with post mount

  • Lulu stahp

  • My gravgrav can live alongside your gravgrav.

  • It clearly says CX in the corner! Untill @BareNecessities updates the thread title, these are forbidden.

  • They have all been raced in gravel events.

    Also, none of these bikes have cantis.

  • Nah, there's already a CX thread

    Also, I'd prefer not to awaken the Mergatron D:

  • They are gorgeous

  • I feel I'm getting to a weird place.
    Bar end shifter (rh) 10 or 11 speed.
    Does anyone have any experience with these on an arkose? It would let me get to a 1*11 setup and actually do some riding on my bike rather than just turbo times.

  • @Klar has bar end 1x10 sram set up on her bike

  • I would like to buy something more touring-oriented than my Pickenflick, capable of going on a year-long tour in South America including dirt roads - I would prefer MTB drivetrain rather than road groupset for this need, so I don't fancy bikes like Marin Four Corners. Apart from touring I would like to run it for dirt road commuting and having fun on local backroads and dirt roads.
    My main contenders are Fuji Touring Disc (830 GBP, max 2.1'' tyre, bottle cage mounts on fork), Genesis Vagabond (915 GBP, max 2,1'' tyre, only rack mount on fork, tricky to fit mudguards) or Kona Sutra (1200 GBP, max 2,2-2,3'' tyre, triple cage mounts, possibility to run 27.5x2,6'').
    Sutra is my dream, but the price difference is very big, Touring has the best components and Vagabond doesn't have fork mounts and components are worse generally, I would for sure have to get another wheelset and consider swapping the crank, of Fuji I only don't know rims quality, but LX hubs should be more than capable for touring.

    Geometry doesn't seem to be very differen, BB drop and slightly different fork rake/trail seem to be the main difference: https://geometrygeeks.bike/compare/fuji-­touring-2018-xl-58cm,genesis-vagabond-20­19-l,kona-sutra-2019-56/

    What would you consider the best for me? Is there anything particular in Vagabond that makes it worth spending more than for Fuji?

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Gravel / Gravé / Gnarmac / Groad / Not quite CX bikes - aka Just get an Arkose

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