• Let's hope its layed on a bit thicker than a light weight fag paper...

  • If they only fit new chain, then the noise could simply be the sprocket being worn and making noise

  • Can I talk about trying to lower the gearing on my bike in here? (If there's a better thread for this, please point me in the right direction).

    On a Triban RC520 running stock bits: a standard Shimano (non series) 50/34 chainset and a 11-32 cassette. 11 speed, 105 R8000 medium cage rear derailleur. I get up most things but I'm not a climber and anything steep is A Struggle.

    I'll need to replace the cassette soon anyway as it's quite worn. According to several places online, my rear mech will work past Shimano's recommended 34 tooth sprocket. That'd give me that precious 1:1 gear if I bought an 11-34 cassette, but I want a dinnerplate I think. 11-36? Bigger?

    Chainsets: I could swap the chainset out for 48/32 or even 46/30. Would be spendier, but could also get 165mm crank arms (I'm a short arse) and I very rarely use my highest gears, so not sure 50/34 makes sense for me anyway.

    I'm not necessarily looking for the cheapest option, but perhaps something which would allow me to enjoy climbing more. I may not have the necessary tools or mechanical expertise to swap out a chainset either, but I'll give it a go I guess.

    Any thoughts?

  • As you mentioned there are plenty of options.
    Buy a sub compact chainset, long cage rear mech, roadlink or all three.

  • @plasticniki sub-compact chainrings probably the best bang for buck to reduce your gearing, if you only want to pick one.

    real answer -if you want to enjoy climbing, just let pain in to your life


  • Whatever you choose to do try and get a cassette starting with a 12t. The mid range sprocket you'll gain will be more useful than the 11, regardless of what you have on the front (within reason). It's rarely mentioned because it limits the choice of cassette, but it makes a lot of sense IRL.

  • Fit 11-34 for easy gain, and save up for the GRX 46/30.

  • Similar problem. Went with a Sunrace CSRX1 11 speed 11-36 cassette. Works fine with R7000 medium cage mech. Probs need a new chain. It fits a shimano spline freehub, cant remember if it needs a 10 or 11 speed freehub though - EDIT fits a 10 speed freehub and comes with a spacer for an 11 speed freehub.

    SRAM 1170 11-36 is another option, but I went with the Sunrace as more sprockets on alu carriers (5-6 as opposed to 3 on the SRAM), so more Hope alu freehub friendly

  • Not noticed RX600 can be had for £85. Actually makes @edscoble suggestion a better option for me.

  • I thought I read Shimano say the GRX 2 x 11 cranks need to use the GRX front mech because of the 3mm (?) wider chainline. Anyone used a GRX crank with a normal R7000 front mech please?

  • 2.5mm wider, which doesn't seem that much. My Dad wants lower ratios so these seem a good option, but hes on 6800 which might be worse

  • I'd go for sub-compact cranks and a bigger casette.
    I ride with a 40/28 mtb crankset and a 12-36 casette - hardly ever use the 28T at the front, but when I do, I appreciate it very much.
    Swapping out a modern shimano crank is easy, when you have the tools - no need to worry about that.

  • Home time cant come soon enough.

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  • I'm going to assume that on most frames that isn't going to be an issue, it's just Shimano trying to get you to buy a new mech if you do swap. The the action of the front mech is pretty coarse compared to the rear, and can operate perfectly with less accuracy.

  • I juuuuuuuuuuuust about managed to get a Claris road mech working with an XT double chainset, so I reckon you'll probably be OK with GRX.

  • No issue getting the mech low enough to reach?

  • Re low gearing chat, the GRX rear mech will work 11-42 x 50/34

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  • If you need that low a gear surely you don't need a 50 X 11? Sure, range is good but the jumps in that cassette are huge.

  • well, unless you are @hippy

  • i use both all the time. gravel races be like that. anything with a decent amount of road along with steep/loose off-road bits. also if you are just super tired or weighed down on steep paved roads.

    fwiw 50-34/11-40 also works fine with the rx mech.

    i'd also say that the steps in shimano 11-40 aren't super noticeable compared to the 11-34 hg800 cassette and not that much different feeling than their 11-32. certainly noticeably better than sram 10-42 11 speed cassettes.

  • Worst of both worlds. Massive, heavy cassette with big jumps and annoying front shifting. Extra anti points for being in a full road bike

  • it's just Shimano trying to get you to buy a new mech if you do swap.

    The fact the chainring is 2.5mm outboard mean a new derailleur is necessary if the existing one doesn't work that well, especially since the front derailleur will pivot far more extreme than it usually do on a normal chainset thus losing a bit of mechanical advantage.

  • I fitted that combo for a customer who had a heart condition and needed to keep his heart rate very low while climbing but still enjoyed smashing a 50-11 down hill.

    I agree that cassette would be dog shit on a road bike in a different situation. Although that doesn’t seem to stop roadies with wun by

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