• Still find Charge Spoon to be the most comfortable saddle for mixed terrain. Just seems to hold you in place.

  • Spam alert!
    To all you gravel types, I bought a SRAM 1170 11-36 11 speed cassette, thinking it would fit my new hubs, but Shimano have pulled a fast one on the r7000 hubs, and changed the freehub design (their normal 11spd hubs 5800/6800 etc are fine), fit it does not. Like a complete dick, without thinking there may be a fit issue, I threw the packaging away, and shop I got it from won't let me return it without original packaging. So said cassette is for sale, unused, brand new, just not in a box, posted UK for £40.
    Cheers. Jon

    Edit: not for sale, managed to get cassette on hub.

  • I actually have this magazine as well and am based in London, you're welcome to it if you want as I read it a while ago

  • Really?
    The blurb says it would still support 8,9,10 cassettes so don't really understand why it wouldn't fit 11 speed.

  • Just fitted the Sparta QR and had the first few rides.

    With an Mpart adapter, it fitted perfectly to my 2014 TCX with 1 1/4 headtube.

    Mounts are angled towards the back, but not too extreme, so you might just be able to bend rack mounts around to reach them.

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  • Mounts are not suitable for a rack, spoke direct to manufacturer, bottle cages / XL cages only!

    lower mounts are for guards only too

  • Yep, we know it's not technically recommended, I was just asked whether it could be done.

  • Wait, rack? I thought they advised against?

  • We’ve been through this, Ed

  • We’ve been through this, Ed

    Oh right, "rack".

  • Rest assured I will only be putting versacages or similar on mine. Everyone can sleep easy. Next step is to set up dynamo lights and fender, and maybe not use the internal brake routing so I can quick change forks.

  • Thanks very much for this, really helpful!

  • The Shimano hg700 cassette is offset on the bigger rings, so maybe the r7000 freehub is slightly shorter?
    I don't know, but the hg700 fits ok, and the SRAM doesn't, the lock ring would nearly be touching the inner side of the dropout.

  • So after 6 months Evan's finally got the rear seat stay bridge adapter thingy to me and I half guessed how to attach it. Should this be there or the other side of the seat stays (or have I got it completely wrong)? Mudguards en route so I guess I'll be able to work it out a bit better when that fun job starts

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  • There's two small holes in the opposite side of the seatstay, you attach the bridge with two small countersunk screws. The half bridge should be pointing upwards not downwards. Hope it helps

  • Ha so yes....completely wrong. Probably should have cleaned it first might have spotted those two holes.

    Thanks very much for that

  • The Hg700 is a repurposed Mtb 11 speed cassette that will fit a 10 speed hub back when Shimano first release 11 speed on Mtb hence the offset. It supposed to be used with a spacer on
    A 11 speed hub.

    But then again I don't have the hubs nor cassette, while you have actually tried to fit it.
    Just don't find any reference of any new standards on newer Shimano 11 speed hubs and cassettes.

  • Very kind of you, but I live in Denmark so Copenhagen is much more feasible.

  • Yes, the hg700 does require a spacer much to my surprise!

    Work fine otherwise!

  • what guards have you gone for? (and will they fit the stock 45s?)

  • Hmmmm, may have another look this evening. Going to lbs to pick wheels up, so will take cassette with me and get there opinion, maybe it was a bit of user error. Will report back on findings.

  • Primosomethingorother

    I'm.using 35s on mine at the mo so ordered 45mm guards

  • Seems it wasn't all user error. Lbs sorted it though. Me n Will ( one of Congleton Cycle Centres excellent grease monkeys) had a look, put the cogs on, and took a couple of goes to get the lock ring to seat, either the freehub or lock ring aren't overly threaded, it feels on initial tightening that it's not biting, and that you're going to possibly cross thread, but placing the wheel flat on the floor and a little downward pressure, on it went. 11-36 11 speed goodness is mine.

  • The frameset was on sale and this parts bin special happened. I think I'd prefer a set of old mtb triple cranks as 50/34t road compact is a bit too much for me. I still need to do some finishing touches and at least add racks & more bottle cages.

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