• FFS.. trying to get a test ride on a Fairlight is like pulling teeth, Swift cycles are pretty unhelpful too...

  • How much did you pay for it?

  • Including postage, thru axle and Parcelforce Handling Fee and VAT it was £130.

  • What’s the build / finish quality like on the Planet X London Road / SL’s? Girlfriend has a Mango Point Alr, the build was good, but the frame is massively out of line and built on a budget. Discs rub no matter how much you set them up, back wheel pops out of the dropouts unless the QR is done up stupid tight. I think other people have had the same problems with the frameset.

    Want to replace it with something in the £200 region and want it to set up perfectly first time. Used for commuting, touring mainly.

  • Have you trued the rotors, and are you using shimano QR’s?

  • Haven’t trued the rotors - will give it a go.

    Had Halo Allen key skewers on there for a while - they worked, but didn’t feel right. Without them the wheel sits very wonky. Have to really force the wheel in then cinch it up.

    Shame as the bike got pretty good reviews before they went bust.

  • Worth the wait id say - really nice bikes. They have had issues due to popularity I think @skinny will know more - although not associated with fairlight anymore as I understand..

  • Try a pair of shimano QR’s, if it works it’s a cheap fix, and I not you have a proper pair of QR’s for your next build :)

  • If the frame is out of line from the box then you should be able to warranty it. Also if the brake mounts have't been faced properly, warranty it.

    1. Yes agree.
    2. If the mounts haven't been faced, thats not warranty, thats a set up issue.

    Either way, push back on PX and get it sorted.

  • What size? Welcome to try my 58T.

  • Thanks for the offer but I'm looking at a 54 or maybe 56 (but thinking 54).

    REALLY wish they hadn't changed the bloody dropouts.

  • It's a warranty in as much as a direct to consumer brand need to sell a bike that can be set up by the consumer. Normally a dealer could take care of a brake mount, but this isn't the case with PX.

  • What drop out change?

  • They are thru axle now, I have Mavic QR that I dont want to have to replace...

  • so you are building a bike around a rear wheel?

  • Secan was always thru axle. Talk of a new Faran but nothing yet. Old Faran was QR.

    Thru-axle on Secan does make a difference. Fuckit its only money!

  • Dont fuck with me. I've only just bought these damn things.

  • Yeah looking at a Strael, the V1 was QR... Faran's are all sold out.

    Yeah could just blow even more money but ideally would not.

  • No end cap replacement possible? 135 QR to 142 12mm is not asking too much.

  • Warranty is for manufacturing defects, not set up issues..

  • I've got a PX London Road, size small, in silver that I've been meaning to strip & sell for a while, it's by no means pristine but I've ridden it all over the country and it's never let me down. Phenomenal for the money really. PM me if you're interested.

  • I’ve got no idea. These new fangled bikes are a mystery to me.

  • I have a set of mavic ksyriums with end caps that do for QR, 12mm and 15mm through axles. which ones are yours?

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