• Okay I have managed to find a graph that should be self explanatory;

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  • Whilst we’re on the subject of silly tyre sizes on gravel bikes, when you put those 650b x 60(?)c on the arkose did they rub?

  • @edscoble excellent work on the diagram, although frustratingly you think they’d be some sort of numerical guidance along the lines of tyre width should be no more than Xmm of rim internal width. Just planting the seed....

  • This Mavic chart is a good place to start. Keep in mind that not all tyres are equal even at the same size. Eg ardent 2.4 is still ridable on i50 rim while Vittoria Mezcal 2.6 is way too squared with exposed sidewalls on the same rim.

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  • So in theory my yet to arrive Carbonda has a max tyre clearance of 47mm in 650B nobblies not withstanding, so according to the chart any internal rim width between 17 and 27mm should work, although @edscoble comments re the difference between gravel and MTBs tyres makes sense

  • I've been running 48c tyres on i19 rims and it's not ideal. I'd aim for 22-25 for this tyre size.

  • 23mm internal is what WTB design their gravel tyres around.

  • 2.3 g-one speed is way too tight, 2.0 would suffices (up to 55c)

  • I would like to make my Pickenflick more suitable for longer-distance bikepacking, is there any carbon fork with bottle cage mounts (or even better anything cage mounts) around 400 A-C that doesn't cost a million?

  • I ordered a Carbonda fork, which I'm waiting to clear customs. Think it meets all those requirements. Can picture etc when it arrives...

  • They need to photograph these in the pissing rain for realism reasons.

    fucking weather thread>>>>

  • Test rode one of these and went for a 3T Exploro instead. The 3T being lighter, livelier, more fun geometry for what I wanted, as well as better equipped, made the extra money worth it.

  • Please post your continuing impressions of the Exploro as and when?

  • Font from Microsoft word

  • Readers..

  • Can you post a link to it? On their website I only see MTB and road forks available. And for sure impressions will be appreciated when you receive it.

  • This is the one: http://www.carbonda.com/accessory/fork-c­x/105.html

    Figured you could use the rack mounts for cages. It should get delivered tomorrow

  • I will. I broke my leg a week before having it delivered, so not many impressions so far... soon though!

  • Nice, what is it?

    What's the grey thing clipped to the rack?

  • Cheers.. It's a Vitus Substance an the grey thingy is a MSR stake hammer..

  • What a bollox! While indisposed you may wish to amuse yourself watching a very nice GCN film Bikepacking Scotland's North Coast 500 In Three Days

    — Simon Richardson and round-the-world hardman Mark Beaumont riding a pair of 3T Exploro bikes in some of the world's most spectacular scenery.

  • Cheers for posting that. Very enjoyable watch. Some stunning scenery, makes me want to do a full day tomorrow, as apposed to the shortish group ride we have planned.

  • Great vid, thanks

  • This was the end of the climbing on our ghost towns ride in boulder, 25's were not best suited to such steep rocky ascents or descents, but perseverance triumphed. I've been on 38's, it's been rough for me.

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