• And I am glad it found a loving home.

  • What's the go to mini aero bars for bike packing / long rides? Looking for something quite short, but still want to be able to use the flats of the drop bars, so something stubby with no wrist pads.

  • Old-school Cinelli Spinaci bars off eBay?

  • That would be the dream, but i have 31.8 Ritchey bars with flat tops. I believe they only made them in 26mm clamp :-(

  • Couldn’t you just buy any aero bars with 31.8 mount and cut them to length that suits you? I’ve never used ones, so I’m just wondering if it would work.

  • I personally love having a capable all road rig which will have the drive system ripped to shreds the first time you try and hop a log. Absolutely daft.

  • Why...why is that dangly thing there? Rocker dropouts weren't the solution?

  • It's the dérailleur hanger that does it for me.

  • Thanks I hate it.

  • Why is the chain tensioner even in the front by the BB?

    I mean someone must have thought that it was a really good idea to do the opposite of (AFAIK) conventional wisdom. Is it because it's closer to the actual torque?

    I need to be physiqued or testerd or something.

  • What the fuck is that?

  • Not unusual at all. Just the standard pinion tensioner.

  • Ok - but is it a good idea or a better idea? Of course derailleurs snap, but most often there's a wheel in the way of the ground and other hard objects.

  • If fewer derailleurs snap this way, it's a better idea in my book.

  • So about to pull the trigger on a Carbonda 505 for just under £550 all in including paint and them i see that Dolan are selling their carbon gravel frame-sets at a pretty hefty discount https://www.dolan-bikes.com/gravel/frame­sets/dolan-gxc-carbon-gravel-frameset.ht­ml
    Now I’m massively conflicted, annoyingly the seatpost I’m building my Carbonda around won’t fit the Dolan ;)

  • Dolan buys his frames in for pennies . Local knowledge.

  • Got my 505 in the other day with custom paint. Buzzing to get it all built up.

    1 Attachment

    • 7B14B8B8-1702-4777-8C88-3220EFA07260.jpeg
  • Well that’s all settled then :)
    @seager was the speckled extra? I’m going for a forest green, but a speckle would be cool too, they’ve just got new stock in so going to place the order today

  • If I was choosing between 505 and 696 today, I'd get 696 mainly for the standard seat-collar design. I have had issues with mine with slippage and had to resort to Supernova seatpost light mount on the post to stop slipping. Thomson post and carbon paste.

  • I believe it was - think it counted as a second colour, but what the heck. Why not?

    @amey I did a little research and they seem to have fixed the seatpost issue now, but my 85kgs will be putting that to the test soon...

  • ah ha! thats good news 👍what are you building yours with?

  • Going for hydro 6800 with 700c. First time going down the hydro route, and need to trim the hoses down... I’m prepared to basically spend bank holiday swearing, covered in mineral oil trying to get that bit sorted.

    Bottom bracket arrived the other day, so need to find a place to install that (they only had bb386 frames in my size)

    Got some old 38mm g-ones that I’ll try out for a bit then get hold of some 30mm road tyres if I feel like I need them. Pretty psyched overall.

  • Installed Shimano hydro before, just take your time, give the tubes a good shake occasionally, I ended up doing the bleed twice, just to make sure, it’s not too bad once you get the hang of it. Although this time I’m sure I’ve lost a few of the bleed kit components so will probably need to reorder a few bits

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