• Was the excellently named Gosse Van Der Meer one of them?

  • Faith in my build is restored.

  • Yeah he was first finisher. Stan Godrie was the rapid descender.

    Both absolotue class bike riders.

  • I have a Kinesis tracer fork which might work. Its QR though. It currently at the mechanic, but not sure if he is using it.

  • Though this was pretty neat (sorry, Instagram link). One bike, two wheelsets and two handlebar setups: https://www.instagram.com/rodeolabs/p/Bw­TAectFIAQ/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igs­hid=81h9icfi6lzy

    The hydro couplers are cool and if you are running Di2 or SS it'd be a super quick swap.

  • Prototype or available to all?

  • The frame is available. I am pretty sure you could get hold of quick-release hydraulic connectors through a specialized hydraulics dealer - no doubt the pressure of a bicycle braking system is way less than industrial applications.

  • Anyone got a set of 40c nano or 37 riddlers they're looking to shift? Tubeless ready....

  • Food for thought!

  • So me ordering mudguards with my Arkose was pointless, apparently theres nothing that fits because of the lack of bridge on the seat stays. Still, at least I have the bike now and hopefully wont need the mudguards for a week at least

  • There's a bolt on bridge / guard holder supplied with the bike, ask the store for it!

  • I did ask and the mechanic said they dont come with that? Come to think of it its a brand new bike there probably should have been some sort of wallet with paperwork or something?

  • evans have answered and published a few queries about this via the arkose listing on their website. saying most full length mudguards will fit. if someone in store has said nothing fits i guess it's likely they're mistaken.

  • Guess rushing in there after 4 pints hoping your boss doesnt notice you've gone to pick up your new bike isnt the best way to do things. Who'd have thought?

  • Yes, a wallet of the parts info and owners manual should be with the bike.

    RE the bolt-on bridge part I'm checking now, there's probably some in the 1st batch that didn't include them. Spares due in next week so we'll get you a bridge and extra eyelet set (dropouts have a screw-in second eyelet) sent FOC.

  • This is the 1 bike idea I'm building on for my surly. No where near as seamless as I'm on cable brakes and so they'd need routing and adjusting but that's not too bad. Gears can be sorted by using a dt shifter. You'd need to be fairly careful with hubs though to make sure the rotors are in the same position. A swap over could be done in way under an hour though

  • The problem is the stem/reach isn't it? You'd paradoxically need a longer stem on flat bars no?

    You can get cable decouplers for your brakes (SJS have some), they're designed for tandems/S&S/Breakaway/whatever frames, then you shouldn't need to reroute the cables.

    I wanted to do the same on my road bike to switch between TT/road cockpit.

  • Shout out to the Jtek splitters, Thorn use them daily and they are spot on. One of the most genius bits of kit no one seems to have!

  • Aye, just wish they were a smidge cheaper, if you've got two sets of bars that's 8 cable splitters you need!

  • My Ribble arrived, took it out for a quick blast.
    Much excite.

  • Expecting 2 Scoblebricks minimum.

  • Looks smart, stem and bar angle is nagging at me though!

  • Aye, quality costs though! (Trade discount available!)

  • How's it a problem? I probably wouldn't mind being a bit more upright (using the same stem) when moving to flatbars but it's as easy to swap stem and bars as it is to swap just bars

    I hadn't thought of the tandem cable decouplers, thanks!

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Gravel / Gravé / Gnarmac / Groad Bikes - aka just get an Arkose

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