• It took me a while to identify all the bits of plastic that came with it, and I've just looked again, but no.

    Yes, I think the problem is that it's designed to use proprietary mudguards from Topeak (and early promo pics when the model was released mid last year show them) but they have never actually been made available.

    Interestingly though I've just noticed Canyon do sell mudguards for an old 'Urban' model which looks to have very similar mount points - and is also 650b - I might ask them about it, but I guess it's pretty likely they'll differ in detail - although may well be adaptable.

    Oh the fork doesn't have a caliper-brake type hole on the front either, only a vertical thread up into the steerer, but I realise that's relatively easily handled by removing the regular mudguard bracket, and attaching via bolt through the mudguard with a spacer.

  • Not sure I'm visualising this quite right - do you mean once the P clips are mounted, get a bracket (e.g. a flat metal strip with 3 holes) to bridge them and provide a central hole to attach conventional seatstay bridge mudguard bracket to?

  • Started looking at the Tribans after they were mentioned a few pages back. Saw this one on instagram. £529 and some tyres gets you a pretty decent looking gravel bike for the money.

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  • they are quite agricultural looking but I guess bokeh + instagram = 😍

  • £529? I thought they were £729
    Edit, just saw they do two models.

  • That's half decent for the cash!

  • And the fork has rack mounting points for up to 9kg.
    Price is what you pay for a spork, r7000 levers and brakes.

  • Next time I shall rightsource my bike purchasing decisions to you entirely.

  • So I've been having a look to the canyon mudguard arrangement. You need something like my mount down there but slightly more complex.
    It should be like a T with holes in every end, the two upper ones in a 90° bend to meet the seatstay holes and the lower one at the height you need to mount the mudguard.
    You can get that done off a 3mm ish plate offcut quickly enough

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  • Many thanks for pic. Yes I see that I need the bends as my mounting holes are in different orientation.

    I have literally no idea how one would go about getting this done though. I am sure I could do a scaled and measured drawing in e.g. Illustrator but what kind of place would do it?

  • 3 d printers?

  • I can print you a faux bridge if you tell me the bolt pattern, won’t be too spendy.

    I’ve done this on my CAAD12

  • I'd be happy to draw it in CAD so it can either be 3D-printed or lasercut. Lasercutting from steel would be more durably, but that's likely to be expensive and most of them don't really do consumer jobs in my experience.

  • I have a couple of places that will either water jet or laser cut one offs but it’ll be more expensive than just the material cost of my 3D printer

  • I'm a steel fabricator. Cheapest way would be getting a sheet metal offcut, mark shape and holes, do holes, chop T shape with a grinder, clamp in a vice and hammer bends.
    I'm unemployed now, but anyone with minimal knowledge would be able to do this. Or you can 3d print or machine it, whatever is more convenient/cheap

  • Angles look all weird, but this will sell like crazy.
    Do like the Ti post, hope they are working on a stem too.

  • It's horrendous imo.

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  • Seat cluster looks nice imo

  • Ok. I do not agree at all I am afraid

  • It's really quite boring. Probably more than fifty shades of grey - needs some colour!

  • With those gears and angles, could this be the new downhill gravel™ bike category?

  • I hope it's got a new axle standard...

  • It's ok to get a triban as a dadbike/kidtransporter right? Eventhough I already have a gravelbike.

  • That spacer is horrendous.

  • looks like an 11-32/34 and a 50/34. Pretty standard, no?

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