• Did you see if the fork had mudgaurd mounts?

  • Yes Sir they do.

  • I read somewhere (maybe here) that frame only would be available in the summer.

  • My friend has just had a similar email about his 725 CGR, though he got told it was due to not having any thru-axles. His one is hydro too. Expected late January.

  • Anyone on here have one of these / can comment on whether it would be a waste of my money as a commuter and might fall apart after 100 miles?....pretty tempted.

  • Any recommendations for a 700c fork with mid-blade eyelets that isn't extremely expensive?

  • It will yes, summer availability

  • Carbon?

    I have a steel one for sale...

  • Went to order a Triban RC520 at the weekend decathlon are completely out of my size S frame no stock anywhere they said they may get some in in April! Think I’m gonna wait it out now for the RC520 Gravel.

  • Hi guys,

    I need the help of the hive mind!
    I'm looking to jump -late- on the gravel bike bandwagon!
    I've looked at the thread and I guess I should get an arkose...
    But is there any other options?

    Program is offroad weekend expeditions, epping forest fun, some canal rides and long commutes every now and then.

    While keeping some road riding abilities I really want to have the best offroad handling possible. I was looking at the marin gestalt x11 or the ribble cgr sl.

    Any tips?

  • Buy the cgr sl.

    Then send me a review ;)

    It's only just hit the shop floor, could be a little while before any proper reviews are done, soon hopefully. On paper it's ticking light road bike that can take panniers/guards and go off-road.

    edit: Ribble are at the London Bike Show at the end of March, if you can wait that long. Does mention testing https://www.facebook.com/events/50698152­9709522/

  • While it's definitely at the 'road' end of the gravel/adventure/whatever spectrum, I've been riding the Whyte Wessex One for a couple of months and love it. 1x11 is pure awesome. Fits up to 35c tyres, so def not for the gnarliest tracks, but perfect for my intended usage of long rides on lanes, by-ways, unpaved paths etc.

  • I'm no expert but if you're looking at £2k bikes then the Arkose isn't expensive enough. ;)
    I also wouldn't recommend a carbon frame for loaded weekend expeditions.
    When researching my next bike (also something 'gravelly') I checked out the Whyte's, and the new Cannondale Topstone which I was very keen on (but won't be made for my XS stature).
    Or you could always go for one of the new Arkoses and upgrade the wheels, buy all the bikepacking stuff you (don't) need, etc.

  • The arkose is honestly absolutely brilliant on gravel, light off road, fire road type stuff. Not sure you would get anything that much better for an extra grand. On the road it’s fine too but a little dull

  • But fit it like a road bike, lower front, long stem or it’ll just be boring all round

  • I also wouldn't recommend a carbon frame for loaded weekend expeditions.

    Care to elaborate on this?

  • If one of the main uses for MY gravelly bike was "loaded w/e expeditions" then my frame material of choice would be some kind of metal, something strong enough to bear racks, panniers, etc.
    I'm not saying that there isn't a carbon touring off-road bike out there, just unconventional perhaps.

  • Fyxation Sparta?

  • Carbon has a much higher tensile strength than both steel and aluminium.

  • just unconventional perhaps

    Hardly. Carbon's come a long long way in terms of load capabilities, are a dime a dozen, and will continue to advance and drop in price.

    You're obviously looking at it from a conventional touring rig, obviously it's not going to work, but things have moved on from that by a long shot.

    Have some expedition bikes.

  • rad

  • So much going on there. Chainstays?? Bars? More bars? Rizla bottle clearance?

  • Looks like it’d work with belt drive.

    Hand positions

    Possibly a perspective issue re water bottle clearance

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