• Annoyingly perfect.

    That pretty much summed it up for me! (as I don't work for Evans anymore and won't have access to trade).

  • so many Arkoses ended up on 28-32mm tyres with guards.

    Pretty much my experience, even straight from a box, customer always seemed to request 28mm tyres, I have to really convinced one customer not to fit 23mm tyres on it as it is way too narrow for such bike!

    Sad to see the Dolomite being discontinued but it make more sense in the grand scheme.

  • That's a 3T Exploro. Who debauched it with that suspension? Have you ref?

  • Who debauched it with that suspension?

    Thinking about that, doesn't that mess up the whole geo?

  • Not loads, that fork is only 30mm travel

  • Yeah, sad to see it go but tbh the Arkose on 28s was always my fave bike for big mountain days on the road. More 'settled in' feeling than something closer to race geometry. I just prefer that geo for long rides as well as fast descents. The Dolomite was stuck between road-race and all-road and the market's changing, in the right direction imho.

  • so my dolomite will be a collector's item now!
    I'm glad to see that they're still going ahead with a 2019 launch despite the change in ownership. I guess the 2019 range was already sorted beforehand.
    it'll be interesting to see if it's a similar story this time next year.

  • New Arkose looks awesome. Any word on when/if Evans will open international orders again? @jameso

  • New arkose does look well nice

  • Could you please explain this a little?

  • For gravel riding on actual gravel (probably not a lot of that in the UK!) you're better off with a low BB, because it lowers the centre of gravity and the bike feels much more stable when you corner.
    If you race CX courses with a lot of obstacles and off-camber corners you may want a higher BB for clearance.
    Darren Baum, Sacha White and other framebuilders use low BBs. It makes a lot of sense IMHO, I rode a CX Speedvagen (race geo, but 75mm BB drop) on frozen grus and it felt much better than the more traditional euro geometry cross bike I rode at the time.

  • I love a good low BB, but even that I end up having the crank hitting the ground, which usually a good indication that maybe a mountain bike would be slightly better suited!

  • Bloody lovely ride this morning!

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  • Bag ID?

  • That looks tremendous! I was out watching the family park run and thinking how ideal it was to ride

  • From my Instagram explore, no clue.

  • What a perfect way of entering into 2019

  • Road runner! - Mack workshop does a very similar one, but he is so useless I paid more, then imported it and paid for the pleasure.

    Fits all the bits I need for a few hours!

  • What’s the front rack type thing that’s clamped round the steerer? Looking for something to hold up a similar bag and this looks ideal!

    Lovely day for a ride as well.

  • It’s a tim tas rek, I use it with a 9l Carradice, but it’s faff to take off inbetween..

    Long story short, it’s great, but I was let down by them... now resolved.

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  • pics or it didn't happen.

  • Just from the website.
    Internal dyno routing, thru axles, nice new top tube shape, 3 cage mounts

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  • nice new top tube shape

    To each their own I guess.

  • I guess so. I like it

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