• Is electronic shifting really essential on a 1x adventure?

  • It's not really essential anywhere but it's so nice!

  • What’s the general opinion of the Brother Kepler disc? I’m thinking of getting one for on road/little bit of off road.

  • Electronic and wireless, yes.

  • Just putting this out there as a idea. debatable how good it will be.....

    Would it be possible to offer up a short travel suspension fork to something like a Genesis Vagabond frame, having seen the Cannondale setup from the London show that was built by one of the head office guys running a lefty fork on a CX frame I would like to get something built up for the jungle trails in the Philippines that are near to my house there..

    I see Curve are are also messing around with this concept if Rhinos Insta is anything to go by, I know there are a few off the peg options, well maybe one I can think of but I have a fair bit of kit lying around including a Ultegra 6800 group and a 11-40 11 speed cassette and wheels, thinking about it I would literally just need a Frame and 80-100mm fork..

    Rake could be a issue?, and I guess the Vaga runs a 1 1/8th headset so I guess a older fork is needed and a quick rebuild which is no issues..

    What you say??...

  • Seems problematic. If you don't own the frame yet and you're set on drops and suspension Salsa Fargo could work for you? Or Singular Swift.

  • the Vaga runs a 1 1/8th headset

    Bit of a show stopper when it comes to modern sus forks. The Fox AX fork would be ideal but guess what...tapered only, by the looks of things.

  • I am so, so digging this.

  • Huge fan of mine. I went for the as standard steel forks instead of the carbon ones, as i've gone for a front rack for commuting.

    I've no idea about the weight of the thing, but it's definitely my most comfortable bike.

  • The same team is responsible for both Rondo range and NS Rag+ bikes.
    I'm loving mine. The only thing I dislike is the handlebar shape, but I'm swapping for flat top and shallow drop soon.

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  • Nice! Cheers for the reply. Hopefully the new full builds are out soon.

  • I have one. I love it!
    I've used it for 100+ mile road rides, fun thrashing on the South Downs, long distance off road, touring in Scotland and I've run it with 700c and 650b. It is very versatile.


  • A friend has the disc one & the another has the cantilever one. Both really like them. I look at their geo enviously from my Croix de Fer.

  • Are the plastic tubes pinnacle installed in the internal cable routing area of my arkose frame for guiding the cables or guiding and protecting the exposed cable in the internal routing area?

  • probably both, and also to prevent the cable rattling inside the frame

  • Former, I run mine naked, TBH, it's not hard to route the housing/cable as there's a big opening underneath.

    I recommend routing it in a California Cross for a tidy cable routing (plus that how those bike were build), it also help with shifting performance.

  • Thanks. One last question. I take it the FD pulls cable from the bottom b/c of the cable routing but do you know what if the FD swings from the top or the bottom? Thanks

  • Another internal cabling query:

    On my Chinese carbon CX frame should the rear cable outer stop at the ferrules or would it be best to run a continuous outer from lever to calliper? The outer will pass through the hole but if I fit an aluminium ferrule that stops at the frame stop.

    I am slightly concerned about the damage my vice like grip would do to the frame.

  • If I understand your question, bottom.

  • would it be best to run a continuous outer from lever to calliper?

    Always, especially compressionless.

  • Knew you would come through ed, thanks for confirming this

  • Nah, scoble is wrong, you'll have more friction on the cable for the longer it goes through the outer housing. Using the cable stops will reduce the amount of cable that's rubbing on the outer and make the brake pull smoother.

  • Compressionless.

    Even gears work well when it run through a full outer.

  • Compressionless isn’t frictionless. It just doesn’t squash under tension

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