• Another thumbs up for the Rujo. I bought it for winter bike duties. Been mainly on the turbo this winter so haven't fitted the guards yet.

    I agree it's a bargain compared to everything else out there. Proper Rival 1x11 is really nice/functional. And it's packed with mounts and great tyre clearance. I also like the external cable routing on the frame (I can live with the front brake hose through the fork). The £999 deal they did recently was even better. I bought mine for around £1200 too though.

    I'm fortunate enough to have a free ranger too and this isn't quite as lively as that, but for my purposes it's ticking all the boxes.

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  • What tyre width can you fit in a 2019 Synapse? I think someone upthread was running some offroad tyres on one

  • Oh really? I've never experienced that! Coming unclipped midair sounds like a recipe for crotch disaster.

  • Nice! Looks great, it's such a lush colour. I am guessing you added the chainring? Had a great (and longest) ride on mine this morning and love it more. Just need to change the saddle to a Romin

  • Yeah wanted a larger chainring coz road use. This was as cheap as any and I don't mind oval. I'm surprised at how decent the saddle is. I usually ride a Toupe, but I'm actually finding the saddle alright so won't bother to swap it out.

  • Yeah, and they are great if you have suffered from Plantar Fasciitis too, the weight spreads better over the increased platform.

  • I’m now thinking about getting one for myself as LTD frame and fork can be bought alone, but want to run it 700. Looks like loads of room in the fork but any idea what max rear 700 would be?

    Want 45c but not sure I want to run it mullet…

  • Another ATAC devotee here - however for everyone who has not enjoyed the Look mtb clipless pedals, there is something new from them in the works, but made by a small business in the UK

  • 42 Sawtooths are tight. Fits fine once in but fouls the chainstay bridge when installing fully inflated. I’ve done these tires with guards in the Rove, but clearances are super tight and no way to run a front derailleur if you’re so inclined.

    Frankly, it rides better with narrower 700c or wide 650b. Can do a 650b 2.0” with low lugs front and rear. With the bigger 700c it just felt a bit off. I’ve gone back to 650b 47mm. Feels great.

  • Hmm, I really want 700x45 and a double GRX chainset … the quest continues

  • Surely the sutra no?

  • Like @cake said. The sutra takes big tires, same BB drop, same reach. It’s the one I should have gotten. 699usd for the frameset.

  • The previous model? I think it was 32c max, not a lot of clearance in the chainstays

  • Does anyone want to swap forks?

    I have a set of veloci no11 forks w/ anything cage bosses, 12mm, flat mount, black, 240mm steere, full carbon, 500g weight or less.

    I'm after 12mm/qr Cross forks, no cage mounts, no taller than 395mm a-c for the transition, 240mm steere tube etc

    I will include the one cage and fork bag too.


  • Can you get sutra frameset? Rather than sutra LTD? Need 68mm shell.

  • Yes you can. 699usd for the frameset

    Not sure if 68 or 73.

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  • ^singletrack ride on the Rove. Handles better than I expect it to everytime I get out on the trails. Got a bit surfy in the slick spots with these tires, but a fun time was had by all.

  • A change of location means I’m contemplating a change of bike.

    I’m considering moving on my Kinesis ATR and would appreciate any advice on what it’s worth. I’ve also posted in the what’s it worth thread, but thought I’d try here too.

    It’s running Shimano GRX 1x and the wheels are hand built Kinlin XR31’s on Hope hubs.

    Condition is good, it’s got helicopter tape on the frame and there are no dings.


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  • Everyone enjoying the danger gravel right now? Absolutely bone dry, then you come round a corner and its just slick doom, but you can't really see the difference. Chalky soil is the main culprit

  • What do you reckon to those tyres? 45c?

  • What size is that? I kow someone possibly interested.

    Not sure about price though, wheelset is nice

  • wow this looks proper good! no crazy tube shapes, just all nice! and steel!

  • What do you reckon to those tyres? 45c?

    Yep, 45’s. They’ve been solid and I’ve rarely struggled for grip, but they’re heavy. Looking forward to putting something lighter on again.

  • What size is that?

    It’s a 55.5

    I think I’ve convinced myself to keep it and offload my fixed Burls instead. A painful decision, but a sensible one.

  • Kinda wish mine was red.

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