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    I've been riding them for about 6months or more; I cannot skid the rear out. Super hardy, no punctures (with tubes) yet and they roll quite fast. However, they are mostly useless in #UKGravel at this time of year though.
    Great in dry conditions, not completely useless in deeper mud as the side sipes find some traction at lower pressures, but the slick centreline squirms on surface mud a lot and I wouldn't be confident slamming them around any sloppy corners. If you're sticking to the prime tier gravel, then they'll probably still be great. I loved them in the dry.
    However, I'm about to put some knobs on for SFAB season.
    ::new page fail::

  • This frame is meant to have 650b right? Looks really good like this

  • LOVE this.

    This is the kind of thing I am after right now!

  • Ordering a spare rim now, just in case

  • @kjlem @Josh

    Thanks. Depending on the build from Kona you can get 700 or 650. This one is the 2021 DL complete that came with 650. I keep two wheelsets ready. I like the LOOK better with the 700s and it rides great on 700x35s. I think the 42s are a touch big. Can handle 650x48 no problem. Maybe 2.0” with low lugs in the back(fork has loads of room). I appreciate the larger volume of the 48s on singletrack.

    Currently waiting on the 105 5700 bits to arrive to make it a 2x10 work horse. Will probably have to downsize tires to make derailleur room with that mudguard there. I found that with the 40t ring, I was most often in the smaller half of the cassette, and the funny Apex-only BCD, I was pretty limited. I think I’ll like the 2x10 better.

    Sorry for the essay, but in all I really like the bike. Very capable on and off road, wheel/tire versatility, and comfortable.

  • Madison have sent me another 1x GRX groupset I didn't order, anyone want it slightly over trade before I get them to pick it up again?

  • Maybe

    I'm in discussion with a dude about a Bokeh and I don't want the Campag Ekar groupset that's on it.

    What have you got and how much is it?

  • Hmm interesting! It looks very well balanced like this

  • Has anyone used a Rondo Ruut? A friend is looking at a second hand one that's come up in his size at a decent price. It'll be his first gravel bike and he's not really sure what he wants so doesn't want to spend too much!

  • That, plus there's what I'm guessing is an ultegra chain in a bag, I'll figure out a price in a bit.

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  • much geometry difference between the 700 and 650? as its spec'd for 650?

  • BB comes up a bit and trail number changes from 650 to 700 depending on tire size, but if you’re referring to ride feel, it’s nothing weird to switch between the two. Smaller 650s maybe feel a bit more agile than 700 with bigger tires like these 42s, but I don’t notice an ‘agility’ difference between 650x48 and something like 700x32-35.

    I’m not a super long distance kinda guy, but I’ve done up to 70mi on 650 and up to 50ish on 700 on this bike. Mixed terrain. Both fine. Just switch it up by my mood really, or go with bigger volume 650 if I know I’m gonna see a bunch of singletrack on the ride.

  • yeah interesting.

    I almost bought a Velo Orange Polyvalent but its made for 26+ or 650...Though I have been thinking how bad would a 700c make it feel.

    I dont think it will go down well.

  • Gotcha. Probably best to stick with little 700s if you go that route to keep overall wheel diameter similar. might defeat the purpose, or get the bike and keep it on 26/650. A buddy here has one and has had it on both 26 and 650. It's a kind of burly bike if that's what you're looking for.

  • We have sold quite a few of these and have just got the 23 model in stock. They look bad value at a glance, but it’s a really nice frame and fork, equivalent to (or better than) an All City really… when you consider that the bikes are a great buy. Something to keep and upgrade rather than ride and replace.

  • For sure. I’ve been really happy with mine. I’m not small so it suits me as an all-around road/mixed surface bike. Plenty fast enough for me.

  • Not heard back yet about Bokeh but we won't want 172.5 cranks - we're both on 170 or less and will almost certainly want more of a climbing ratio (46/30). So, it may end up easier to just return them rather than piss about splitting it up. But if I end up with a rolling chassis I'll ping you to see if you still have the rest of the bits.

  • Nice bike dadbike....

    What guards do you have here?

  • This has all become rather sensible, so while it still is:

    I have recently acquired some small wheels (650b) I quite fancy 2.1 tyres to go on them anyone got any 2.1 winter tyre suggestions that won't make me the world's slowest cyclist on the road?

  • A bit soggy here in Wiltshire

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  • What are you riding on?

    There's tonnes of XC tyres in 27.5 2.1" but not many I'd do much road riding with.

    I've got some Saguros, some Mezcals some of those 50mm French tyres all waiting for the Pirelli Cinturato or Hutch Toureg to run out.

  • I've got a mismatched (one black, one ran wall) pair of used Teravail Sparwoods knocking around in the shed you could have for a few quid?

    27.5 x 2.1 and while not crazy grippy also aren't atrocious, but roll pleasantly fast on the road.

    Edit: to be clear - there's plenty of life left in them, I just spoilt my Crust with some RHs.

  • Thanks. They’re 45mm PDWs. Nearly wide enough for these tires, but they work OK enough. Brilliant with smaller tires.

  • On a gravel bike, with clearance for 2.2s

    @PeteJChurchill hhhhmmm was looking for something with more grip, let me have a think and thanks for the offer

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