• I rode Compass tyres in the early Scobleian period

    Haha, very good!

  • haha funny stuff

    “You should have seen Lance when he was here. His bike flexed at least as much.” ... soooo it was not the dopping after all.... it was the frame flex....

  • But to be fair he is out there riding Unbound, PBP etc etc which is more than most of us to back up his views.

    Yeah he's strong as hell. I laughed at that aero fender bike ahead of his recent solo FKT effort in Oregon, then he went out and smashed it. Bit of respect for putting his money where his mouth is.

  • Actually you've reminded me, Sonder Colibri or Colibri Ti is quite a tempting proposition particularly at the low price for both those frames right now - 36mm max tyre size, how would that stack up as a credible gravel tyre for moderately off-road stuff, big enough?

  • should work, if your riding is not too rowdy

  • My warbird ti is limited to 38mm. Would've loved 42mm. Just sayin

  • Both fair responses and noted, ta!

  • i mean sort of. he has good endurance but he is not particularly strong power or power/weight wise.

    also that descent post is total nonsense. i've done the lakemont descent 75 times and am listed as second overall on strava. no way he was going 58mph. kom is 50 avg w/ a peak of 61mph. tiger descent is similar. kom is not quite 40mph. both held by absolute legends who were probably super-tucked on aero bikes in skinsuits with ripping tailwinds. there is a light at the top of the lakemont descent which heavily determines entry speed, and the tiger descent is quite pedaly, only around 5.5% avg with a corner you have to brake in at the top if you are going at any speed (certainly anywhere the speed he claims).

    maybe he means to imply that is his top speed on the descents but w/ gps speed that is entirely untrustworthy and i don't believe him. traffic, wind, etc. make this comparison useless.

  • You can get a LOT done on 33c in my opinion, but that is not a very popular opinion

  • Jan is kind of a Ken Rockwell of the bicycle world I always think.

  • pls dont bring Ken into this

  • True true. I like a high volume tyre as much as the next person, but that’s about comfort. Or those I really should get a XC bike rides.

  • Rebranded Panaracers maybe yes, but in sizes and weights that are not available, so still has its market I‘d say

  • Ken is next to Andreas Feininger my mentor!
    /edit ha thanks for the account link

  • Erik Nohlin vs Jan Heine would be quite the battle.

  • Andreas Feininger

    Another Leicaman I see.

  • I might just go for it on the Colibri... it's such good price, even the Ti one is not extortionate...

    36mm is 1.5inch in old money, or almost, right? And I do have a MTB if I want to ride proper offroad stuff!

  • You can get a LOT done on 33c


  • The world would not be better off with less Jan and more FjallravenXSpecialized.

    Jan is also a bit mealy mouthed, has a bad habit of badmouthing any of his competitors, especially bad when it's couched as a "review" in BQ (which really has just become veiled advertising).

  • fuck off thats my job

  • Very good shout - hadn't considered that, but looks like could pick one of the half decent specced alu set-ups for lowish price and then plenty of scope to tweak components and spec to suit, thanks!

  • jan might not be bike daddy we want, but he is the one we deserve.

    if men were not so suseptable to having another man quantify things in hyper technical, almost schematic like phrasing we would have a better caliber of bike tat salesperson. as it stands tho, the only way someone can shift niche gear in the patriarchal hetronormative hellscape which is the cycling community is if they follow this framework

    the clientele who sits at their desk 360 days a year and rides their bike 5 days a year have no time to ride their bike, but have a lot of time to read about their bike, to look at pictures of their bike, hell even argue about their bike. if you can infiltrate that time with pictures of you on the bike, testing the bike, reviewing the bike the lowley desk jocky fells right there with you. when you show pictures of tyres in a caliper and nonsensical anecdata arguments the person almost feels as if they themselves are doing these things (they're actually getting shouted out in a RCA and hiding behind their laptop screen).

    until said men deconstruct the frame work of their own trapping, and become more happy with arguments from people such as "it had the vibe" and "i dunno i think it just looks pretty :>". till they are free of the need to justify the almost psychosexual feeling they get from the correct piece of steel, aluminum or carbon between their legs as if it were an equasion to be solved, rather than a joy of whimsical beauty and seduction, we will forever have a jan heine barking at us.

  • Feels like a good way to close the "Gravel" thread, no....?

  • It can't close

    It can only go back to the beginning

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