• Swank, like it

  • Big ass handlebar bag must be very aero too

  • They are for aerodynamics – our wind tunnel tests have shown that shielding the front of the tire tread – which moves at twice the speed of the bike – provides about the same benefit as a set of aero wheels.


  • That's more a comment on how small the effect of aero wheels is

  • They are confirming that a properly shaped carbon frame is the best solution?

  • He does come across as a bit mad but he’s been ahead of the curve on a few things over the years.

    His theory on ‘planing’ hasn’t really found momentum but rolling resistance/tyre hysteresis and tyre widths have all gone mainstream since his research.

    I wouldn’t assume he’s wrong.

  • i appreciate that, but it is remarkable how his testing seems to always prove the validity of his ideas

  • Has anyone got a scorecard for Jan Heine retro grouch concepts. I feel we're ignoring many stinkers (like the above rando bag faring concept, which is dumb)

  • Yeah I would love to read about his theories that didn’t prove to be effective. That would make a good parody if someone had the time. Tricycle Quarterly?

  • His theory on ‘planing’ hasn’t really found momentum

    Literally every carbon frame uses diff layups for that since like forever. The conclusion I came to was he is actually good at marketing, which is sad because the persona he puts forward is 'the expert'. He is a hollow shell filled by rebranded Panaracer tyres.

    I rode Compass tyres in the early Scobleian period, they are nothing special, verging on being shit in wet.

  • Seems like a good place to ask this - I'm planning to retire my trusty old Pompetamine commuting / utility bike and replace it with something geared, that will take mudguards and pannier rack, but will also double up if those are removed (and wheels / tyres switched) as a gravel bike for the occasional time that takes my fancy.

    I am after not too pricey, metal frame, 1x set-up, and quite a roadie type position, so not too short / upright front-end. Initial thoughts are Tripster, Topstone, Bivio, Mehteh, Midnight Special, mayve Bombtrack Hook, that type of thing. Any other strong contenders that should be on my shopping / eBay watch lists?

  • He is a hollow shell filled by rebranded Panaracer tyres.

    But to be fair he is out there riding Unbound, PBP etc etc which is more than most of us to back up his views.

    He also runs a pretty successful business.

    I've never met him, and I'm not saying he's right about everything, but at least he's living his dream.

  • Low trail geometry helps to keep you awake on long randos like PBP because it’s so damn twitchy you literally can’t fall asleep. Sure I read that one once.

    The thing is, that probably is true. It’s just a novel way to solve the problem.

    He finds things like low trail geo and then compounds so many different reasons why it should work that an über-rational mind like his can’t see past the fact that to most people it just feels terrible.

  • Riding Unbound and PBP makes me think less of his views tbh. I'm not riding Unbound or PBP or an equivalent so....why would I care about what's good for them.

    It's like taking advice from someone about camping equipment, but then it turns out that you want to stay in a campsite, and the person advising you doesn't use camp grounds and has only done 200 nights of wild camping.

  • The function of different layups is usually explained with the old ‘lateral stiffness, vertical compliance’, right?

    His planing theory AFAICR is that lateral compliance in the bb adds power to your pedal stroke, which goes against most modern frame design.

  • That’s a good analogy. But he’s great value. The world would not be better off with less Jan and more FjallravenXSpecialized.

  • FjallravenXSpecialized

    Erik Nohlin is a genius compared to Jan IMO

  • which goes against the laws of physics

    What next from the great visionary, a fucking perpetual motion machine?

  • Quite tempting specially for the price, but feel like it's a bit high front-end... good reminder though

  • Enjoy! Don’t skip the comments section.

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