• when is the first gravel thread daypacking trip / coffee expo?

    shall we all descended on sydenham woods with our chariots?

  • The main issue holding #coffeeoutside back is the availability of lightweight grinders. There's only one I know of. The aptly named "Fixie" by Orphan Espresso. Carbon fibre body, titanium catch cup.

    The OE Fixie Manual Coffee Grinder is especially designed for Travel - Ultralight, no compromise, with a 47mm conical steel cutting burr for optimal performance. The precision dual bearing system delivers grind stability, in a lightweight, small package. The weight reduction of the Fixie was achieved not through miniaturization but through simplification of the functional machine elements and the use of innovative, light weight, modern materials to deliver no compromise travel coffee where ever you go!

  • What level of home prep is permitted? Or must everything be done ‘in the field’? Asking for a friend.

  • I think ground coffee basically loses the more volatile compounds after 20 minutes. So for the standard length of a gravelpacking daypedition you should be good taking pre ground from home.

  • 🤷♂️

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  • Internet points for Hario but that coffee’s going to taste like shit. And how will you stay warm on a #daypack without the need to operate a hand-grinder in HR Z3? You can’t wear down anymore and synthetic alts are too heavy and bulky to fit into a frame bag.

    which does raise the question of how a #daypacking wardrobe differs from #bikepacking and #gravel. I assume it’s completely different, but what are the key fits?

  • You'll get told off for cycling in there by Dulwich people.

  • How about I display a photo of my 40 year old Claud Butler I will refer to it as Meta -Gravel, An ironic,self referential and playful 'sign', complete of course with 40 year old Carradice saddlebag. You will swoon at the possibility of lugs, bolts and quill stems. Thus, I'll be able to playfully negotiate my 2 miles of towpath ambling knowing that I am a construct and only exist in the past.

  • No mention of amphetamines. How am I supposed to stay awake long enough to ignore Amey.

  • That doesn't seem that badly priced? if you live in USA that is.

  • bold of you to assume i'll be cycling and not just posing

  • Pretty sure my dad would just call this 'going for a bike ride'. Doesn't get out of bed for less than a pannier of sandwiches.

  • 111km today and I took sandwiches and cakes with me. Think I’ll start a new thread “daypacking picnicwankers”

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  • Any day now, the bike industry will introduce the idea of aggro picnicwanking

  • picnicwanking

    Not sure about the legalities/practicalities/etiquette? of any of that

  • Mostly it's 'bring your own coffee'

  • hot new daypackers are operating in your area

  • What have I told you about posting bikes with no groupset?

  • ...

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  • Would ride. Once I’d binned those handlebars

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