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  • lowbrows
    This seems very well specc'd for £1250and has a 4.5 star from CN
    1x alu, dropper post, GRX 11speed, hydraulic with all the mounts.

    Would this be good value as a donor parts bike? Have a gravel frame I’ve been meaning to build up. Only really interested in the groupset and cables/hoses, dropper post and 650c wheels as a second set. Sell everything else for whatever I can get.

  • If you do buy it, might be up for the frame

  • Windy as fuck up on the mendips today. Stumbled on some great trails though.

    Are we still doing the #nogravel thing?

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  • @amey

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  • What's the consesus for guards on grav bikes?

    Patch it and just deal with geting muddy as I would if I were mtbing?

    Tempted by a mudhugger type thing for the back end, would keep my arse and dropper cleaner if nowt else.

  • Nah it's winter now, shitfromabutt looks crap on Instagram so all the (no) gravel bikes are not being ridden.

    PS love the colour coordination!

  • Couple of guys at work using those and like them, I've had full guards on forever but I commute on mine and it's Manchester.

  • Pretty cool. But who has a brake bridge nowadays?

  • I managed a long time with flat-ish guards (sks edge al ) and knobbly tyres, and honestly it was so good to not have to worry about getting constantly caked. They finally gave up though and need replacing - considering mudhugger style too. The edge al guards were a faff to make work (I swapped out stays) and I'd struggle to recommend them overall tbh

  • Just ordered some Bluemels for my #instabanger gravel bike. Been using one of those large, extremely ugly Ass Savers in the mean time...works well but wont help the headset/BB of course.

    I think for people riding once at the weekend, getting muddy is all well and good but if you're out several times a week then hosing down clothing in the driveway every time is a mare.

    I've popped a cheap winter BB in as well.

  • I switch to 700c 38mm and mudguards as winter comes in.

  • They work great and for the price you're as well having one lying around incase you want a clean arse from time to time.

  • I was looking at these earlier today after I got rekt by mud on a ride last night in the pissing rain

    @mf had/has one

  • I had a similar mudguard made by full windsor a few years back. I got a lot of abuse from other cyclists for it, but it worked ok. However, it doesn’t compare with full mudguards.

  • That brake lever is offensive.

    And, gripshift?

    Other than those and some other minor things, I quite like it.

  • Top tube bag got him like

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  • And, gripshift?

    It does, which is odd, as I initially thought the bike had these levers

    I like the Pinion gripshift myself, but it would be weird on a drop bar bike

  • Would love a pinion and belt drive bike considering the amounts of #shitfromabutt that I ride through

  • Is anyone using hunt road wheels on gravel type rides? How are the hubs surviving if so? Heard very mixed things about them

  • I use Speed Rockers on one, SKS Edge AL on another. Big fan of guards

  • I have the Hunt x Mason in 700 and 650, used in v shitty conditions, and the bearings have been fine so far. 4500km on the 700s, haven’t needed to repack or replace. Not sure if they count as road wheels though

  • Some sort of rear guards can help. Close full guards are liable to get clogged depending on your local gravel type. Fedor bendor type works, as does SKS seat post mounted whale tale.

    I would like something at the front the cut down on the amount of shit I eat but not always a go.

  • I have guards on my gravel bike full time because I don’t like to get dirty (especially if I’m spending a night in a sleeping bag or doing moon miles).

    PDW 700x55 guards on 43c tyres, never clogged, real sturdy, keeps me and the bike cleaner for longer. They also have relatively long and flexible flaps so I can ‘send it’ (ie cautiously manoeuvre over cross drains on paths) without fear of ripping the guard off.

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