• It's a dynamo light, the beauty of them is you just leave them on.

    More visible, more of the time.

  • Not if you want to use a USB converter to charge stuff. The dynamo hub won't provide enough power to do both properly.

  • Yeah, because that happens a lot.

    "More visible, more of the time." is still not "all of the time" if you want to be pedantic with edge cases.

  • pedantic with edge cases.

    I'd say about 3/4th of dynamo set ups we do have a charger of some sort or another.

  • I have one bike with a dynamo hub. It has a USB charger. I have used it to charge stuff. USB chargers are A Thing. They're pretty widely used. Hardly an edge case.

    Besides, is 'I have a switch to turn off my bike light' really a hill worth dying on for anyone?

  • 50% of my dynamo bikes have a USB charger fitted and I have one sitting for the other bike but I'm lazy. I'm hardly a 'normal' rider though and you can charge during the day if you forgot your cache battery. The point is, dynamo lights for normal users means you can just leave the lights on MOST of the time so funky switches are a waste of cables and increase failure modes.


  • They're pretty widely used.

    Just the facts please maam. Whatever number you come up with, I bet NL or Germany has more bikes with dynamos and without USB chargers than all the bikes on the planet with USB chargers. It's a small group of a small group.

    You're the one arguing about a switch for a bike, I'm merely stating that dynamo lighting is neat because you can leave it on all the time without thinking about it because there's no battery to go flat.

  • Let's revisit the "hill" I'm "dying" on:

    "It's a dynamo light, the beauty of them is you just leave them on.

    More visible, more of the time."

  • Knobs


  • Actually @amey can we have some more hideous bikes please

  • Needs more USB switches

  • Just to break the tension with a rather banal question. Any recommendations for a budget-ish light touring alu wheelset? Current set is over 4.1kg with 35mm tyres/cassette/rotors!

    I've had good experiences with Fulcrums in the past, and can pick up Rapid Red 5 DB new for around £250, which fits into the budget nicely. Struggling to find much else in the 200-400 range. Need to work well with up to 40mm tyre.

  • Visually that Rene Herse stem is quite nice imho. I also like the functionality of it. The integrated decaleur, the brake cable hanger and even the light switch is a neat feature. That extra tube and glueing or brazing it in though? Can fuck right off.
    It's like converting a perfectly simple bike following well-established standards into something with a proprietary cockpit. To me, that's the opposite of good design or functionality.

  • Struggling to find much else in the 200-400 range. Need to work well with up to 40mm tyre.

    Get something built, message the forums own..

  • Someone brought in some DTSwiss G 1800s the other day, they seemed quite nice for not too expensive, not DTs nice star ratchet hubs but decent enough. Touch wider than the fulcrums and similar weight, although fulcrum look like they've stopped lacing one side radial on a disc wheel so probably fine too.

  • The majority of dynamo hubs are OEM-mounted Shimano Nexus and the like, not fancy German ones for custom wheelbuilds.


  • Doesn't Jan Heinous ride a bike with the front derailleur control on the seat tube? And yet he needs a custom cnc knob for his lights?

    Pathetic. Just cut the wire and twist it back together to make contact when you need lights. Easy.

  • the opposite of good design or functionality.

    Welcome to the gravel thread.

  • Niner?! Nein!

  • Anyway

    Yes, exactly what this thread is about :-)

  • Rene Herse Can fuck right off

    New thread title pls

  • Haha!

    I mean their latest stuff is so weird and excentric. Like this rear derrailleur which requires a proprietary braze on the frame.
    On the other hand, they have their super versatile and compatible cranks which seem great. They seriously offer something that not a lot of other brands do and it easily fits most bikes out of the box. Same thing with their tires. They made wide tires in a variety of sizes and widths before most mainstream manufactures and enabled people to build up bikes differently. I just don't get how the philosophy of these products go together.

  • Lol that is quite the divergent pair of derailleur options. “Would you like the swanky wireless shifting from the present day, or would you like this weird ass mid century looking thing with a maximum cassette size of 30 teeth that makes it harder to get your back wheel out? Oh did we mention it’s difficult to get the cable tension correct? Also the front derailleur is operated by a broom handle”

  • Ha!

    I'd buy that for a dollar.

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