• Yes. Very happy with it. Do it all bike.

  • Eagerly awaiting today's gravel debate

  • You can ride gravel on road tyres.

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  • Damn, I've been riding road on gravel tyres

  • Hey guys bit new, Looking for a new fork for my gravel bike (cervelo aspero, loving it feels really spirited and tracks well, not to slow) but I want a new fork for the chunky stuff

    Thinking lauff or that new micro suspension fox fork?

    Worried about weight as I’m looking to do the dirty gravel shred fest gnarlanator next month and want to finish top 40,

    Any advice is good advice


  • the new rockshox rudy? There is a Suntour one too.

    Rudy is 1226gr vs 850g for Lauf Grit SL. Its just 400 or so grams, doubt it will make a diff. IMO the 'service free' nature of Lauf appeals.

    Can aspero's cable management system at headset work with any steerers?

  • Any difference between them?

    Good reviews?

    Don’t want to risk it as I’ve been training a lot for this ride, bike fit, coach et al, got my nutrition sorted too (no more beers for me!)

    Anyone got personal experience?

    Think it might be a case of buying all three and giving them a shakedown on the local gnarmack round the village,

    I won’t be fitting it, lad down the bike shop will, does all my stuff, always manages to fit me in and gives me a heads up on the latest tech

  • Good reviews?

    Rudy is quite new for 'in depth' reviews to be out yet.

    Plenty on Laufbut I have come across those blade failures on the internet.

    No personal experience of either.

    Question is do you need the fork to be fully rigid for sprints in drops etc? If so you want Rudy with lockout.

  • Assuming Aspero, not Aspero-5, then the issue might be more in the fork crown rather than cable routing. The Aspero has a very shaped DT - Fork crown interface so I think any suspension fork would probably hit the DT when turning.

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  • Thanks for the feedback, really helpful

    Yeah my coach has said I’m a bit of a ‘power panda’, his words not mine, not sure what he means by it but my times are going up

    So I think something stiff would be good, lockout sounds good, even if I don’t use a feature it’s good to have

    As for drops not been able to reach them really, When I bought the aspero I did a lot of gcn watching and had the lad at the shop chop the steerer

    Be fair to them they did warn me, but even with this 90mm +17 I can just do the hoods

    Does this change which one I should consider?

  • want to finish top 40

    If you're not aiming for top 20, I'd seriously consider why you even own a bike

    Get some Cat D Zwift races under your belt to really dial in your bike handling skills

    After that, it's all about the custom skinsuit

  • Yes, in this case go for 150mm travel fork, it will bring your bars up, still allow you to slam the stem, and you'll be able to reach the drops. This means you can get a wider flare bar and gain handling skillz. Wider bar = less overtaking so as long as you smash it to the front ASAP, you should be able to hold your top 40 position.

  • You’re right, thanks for the encouragement

    A lot of the local lads are entering and they’re very fast, tried to suggest a pack and team approach but they just grunted, don’t think they’re there for fun.

    Understandable really there is prise money on the line (£150 enough to have the gutters cleaned, not to be sniffed at)

    Funny you should say I was in contact with the aero coach guys for my time trial bike!

  • Cervelo really dropped the ball with the geo of the Aspero, a 150mm fork will help sort out that steep HA and make the bike much more confidence inspiring in the rough stuff.

    @Maj don't discount the value of aero for offroad!

  • Sell your Cervelo and get this. If you're on anything smaller than 36" these days, you're basically just touring in sandals

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  • this has echoes of @youramericanlover 's CX prep

  • That looks too heavy for me,

    it’s why I switched to carbon, I’m thinking after looking at new forks my bike lad has said he’s got some OPEN wides he can build up with the new ekar

    Perfect for the race he says

    If anyone wants a cervelo aspero , size 56 less than 500k let me know, can include the 650b wheels I bought to go with it

    If not I will just use it for the commute

    Thanks for all the help!

  • @youramericanlover has never aspired to the dizzy heights of a top 40 finish

  • If anyone wants a cervelo aspero , size 56 less than 500k let me know, can include the 650b wheels I bought to go with it

    Had to double check this wasn't @Dick posting

  • the only issue with OPEN Wide is that it has no mounts whatsoever

  • If anyone wants a cervelo aspero , size 56 less than 500k let me know, can include the 650b wheels I bought to go with it

    Forum rules state you need to provide a price.

  • Also, fiddy dorrar?

  • This is all very funny...

  • That is literally the only issue with it, for anyone, ever. Otherwise it’s possibly the best bike in the world, ever.
    Just fuck off with Ekar shudders

  • Not nearly as funny as this

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