• I laughed, I cried. Miranda is my fave.

  • trench foot

    The tourers and audax nuts use spd sandals. A joke to roadies … but they know.

    Flats and gravel specific slides are our future. Lachlan Morton foretold it.

  • 3T: This was mine after 135 miles. Was nice whilst it lasted. But not worth the constant worry in my opinion.

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  • 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬?

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  • Looking at getting another fat tyred frameset. Basically a sort of on/offroad commuter. needs to take racks and guards. I can get a F+F, custom geo from Marino for 600 dollars landed in Europe. The custom geo is a fringe benefit but is there anything else I should consider for the price?

    Worth getting a Carbonda and swapping my Tripster parts over for example?

  • Have you ever held a Marino? Mate had a hardtail made and the weight was insane. So fucking heavy

  • This is true. I have a gravel bike and the frame is 2.8 kg. Don’t know what tubing it is.

  • I think that you can pay extra for Reynolds 7xx something at Marinos if 4130 isn't your thing.
    Might still be heavy though!

  • Have you ever held a Marino? Mate had a polo bike made and the alignment was insane. So fucking wonky.

  • 2.8kg for the frame... I guess Carbonda it is then.

  • 1299 eur for a hybrid frameset made with 4130

  • hybrid

    ATB. Keep up!

  • 2.4kg for the frame... Marino not looking too bad after all

  • Frames are

    800 with quick release

    1000 with through axel

    1300 with boost

  • my Niner is 2.4kg too. 853 main tubes

  • Steel is real heavy

  • Full disclosure I own a heavy steel bike and love it.

  • People obsessing with how much steel frames weigh and cost sound so ooooold. Like a million years old. I imagine them ranting at their long suffering partners about how their first bike frame only cost three hundred pounds whilst they drive a big car they think is cool along the motorway with their 8th carbonda frame on the roof.

  • Nah, they obsess over it cos it's true. Fools wanting carbon rims and lightweight tyres to put on a basic steel frame that weighs more than their big car.

  • Fairlight need to drop the new pdf for the value for money/what tubing u got tho types.

    They're hungry for it.

  • PDF will weigh even more than a 4130 frame

  • People will be like

    “UwU that steel bike is too heavy”

    So you tell them to buy an aluminium one and they turn into some award winning contortionist saying stuff like “uhh ride feel” or “needs to be robust” or any answer they can come up with which isn’t “but aluminium is for poor people bikes and I can’t afford to break a carbon one”

  • Aluminium is the best bicycle frame material for the consumer. There'll be no convincing me otherwise.

  • “needs to be robust”

    Poor flimsy aluminium bikes

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