• All off road route (assuming from London)? Really could do with that if you're willing to share. Partner hates riding on road.

    Here you go

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  • Definitely no gravel in West Sussex yesterday.

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  • Or today.

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  • Unexpectedly high number of Stockport-knowers on the forum

  • Between bredbury hall and back of Marple. Good route, used to commute down it

  • That happy bike with the trailer is good, like the mounts for top tube bag and the low bottle cages, definitely a well planned and executed fancy randonneur.
    But internally routed cables from down tube shifters, why?

  • Amazing. Really appreciate that.

  • That is a crossover from current projects

  • At risk of Stockport taking over this thread there is definitely no gravel round Marple and I didn’t do a 90 mins loop on my xc bike that was 90% gravel and 10% silly mtb tech that could be avoided. Anyone fancy a local gravel spin one evening?

    As the shopping bags say.. ‘Stockport. Not as sh*t as you think.’

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  • This looks great, do you think that it would be doable on 32mm tyres in the current weather? (Sorry if it's sacrilege to ask this in a gravel thread)

  • what was the loop? would do some evening SK rides as not been on the gravel bike for a while. That "road" is a twat out of roman lakes, craters the entire way.

  • Anyone fancy a local gravel spin one evening?

    Yes please

  • do you think that it would be doable on 32mm tyres in the current weather?

    I think you’d be fine. The mud had pretty much dried out when I did it, but there are a few slightly technical sections where I was happy to have bigger tyres. Totally doable on 32’s though.

  • Thanks, much appreciated.

  • @atk @yoshy @Pmccee and any other locals, discussing actual gravel rides might not be in the spirit of this thread but what nights work for people? I’m in Marple so happy to lead a loop from Marple station- easy to find off the canal or come on a train or park.

    My route was play around in Brabyns first on all the sneaky tracks, then up the twat hill from Marple bridge, down Roman lakes to strines station, up the gravel road option and down the fox, up and down the golf course, then up the stony climb to Mellor, down the road, up the road to top of enrocroft and a single run down the sneaky trails there as it was too hot to go back up. Gravel back track into brabyns, 2 laps of the bike track and easy track up brabyns and over the canal home. Only non gravel bike bits were some of the trails in brabyns, down the fox, the up to Mellor would be tricky but there’s a gravel alternative and ernocroft woods trails but again the main track is fine

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  • It does feel a bit 'peak district riding thread', I suppose we can get into detail about wheel/tyre size and whatever else is on the calendar as needed. Usually can't do Wednesdays.

  • Edit: will discuss in another thread

  • True. will pick this up in Peak District thread

  • This is how I imagine @Dick and @PhilDAS ride gravel; the last inaudible bit is them talking gear ratios


  • One minute to perfectly encapsulate everything I don't want in an offroad ride

  • sprint in drops for every second?

  • I remember when Look bikes were a thing on this forum. Everyone bought one.

  • No rides under 3W/kg

  • Hey, bro's gotta bro out in their brospace to broxpand their bro horizons. Be bro one with nature.

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