• IIRC Canyon calculate geo a bit differently on their gravel bikes, but I could be wrong. Sizes certainly run big though; I'm bang on average height (177cm) and am borderline S/M (that's sizes, not fetish, btw).

  • Right, yeah, it depends how keen you are to ride fast on the road and what your "fast" is? Are your 650Bs actually a limiter? Just pedal harder :)

    Actually since you've mentioned this, what is the fastest 650B road tyre, do you think? Surely there's something smaller than a 47mm Horizon that's slicked up and lightish.

  • tempting, would have bought if I already didnt have a gravel bike. They are selling out fast.

    also classic @skinny cross chain there!

  • what is the fastest 650B road tyre, do you think? Surely there's something smaller than a 47mm Horizon that's slicked up and lightish.

    GP5000s come in 650b narrow

  • Anti instagram with the unaligned wheels too. Fuxk velominati

  • *enhance
    WTB ranger 2.0

  • Yeah ranger 2.0. They are okay, id like a mezcal but a 2.1 won't go. The ranger punctured a bit easily.
    Need to find something else. Shame the race king is 2.2. It needs a true 50mm tyre.

  • There you go then, cheers. Anything faster and you should be on a TT bike or racing crits or something anyway.

  • how tight is it with 2.0?

  • Front loads. Back is as tight as you'd feel comfortable with. I didn't vernier caliper the 2.0 it might have been a bit wider than 50mm as was on 30mm id rim.

  • Are your 650Bs actually a limiter? Just pedal harder :)

    This is a fair point. Probably makes zero real difference, other on proper hill climbs perhaps.
    Currently I use 38/40mm (the specs say both 🤷♂️) G-One Speed (effectively slick) having had enough of Gravel King slicks in the same size.

    I think I'll save the cash [edit: or buy a pair of Contis if I suddenly decide to ride up a non-virtual Alpe]

  • I've done 200k audax with 50mm GK SK+ tyres on. It wouldn't be my first choice for a road race but if you're not racing does it matter if a road ride takes a bit longer?

    Actually I just had a look because we did the same route on road bikes and I was 45min slower on the gravel bike off a 10W higher NP. 4600kcal vs. 5200kcal on the gravel bike. Definitely a difference (obvs, knobby tyres vs slicks!) but unless you're racing does it matter? It doesn't to me, that's why I favour more durable, heavier tyres until there's a stopwatch and finish line involved.

  • Slow riding is boring though. May as well walk/get a donkey. Also knobbly tyres are crap at cornering on hard pack/tarmac. Be like Sven, run the fastest tyres you can get away with.

  • Slow riding is boring though.

    Why do you ride off road then?

    I don't mind stuff like GK SKs or the Cinturato on the road because they're even tread so you don't get weird shit going on in corners. But I have a road bike so I would normally ride that (with my slower road tyres).

    I only road the 200 with the gravel bike because I wanted a shakedown ride before Badlands and I'm glad I did when the tubeless failed with 15k to go.

  • Why do you ride off road then?

    Cos speed is relative to the terrain. 20kph down some tight singletrack feels much faster than 20kph on a Kent road

  • Some roads in Kent are rougher than most of the gravel featured in this thread

  • 30kph on Duranos feels a lot faster than 0kph pumping up GP5000s ;)

  • definitely not gonna argue with that!

  • Don't listen to my anyway. I'm the guy that's too lazy to take his road bike off a KICKR so instead rides 200k on a gravel bike.

  • personally have no issue keeping a high pace up when i'm in kent, no matter the terrain or bike

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  • orders union jack skinsuit

  • The idea has been done; the best one to get is LTDA (in London) guaranteed safety.

  • The trick to going fast for 60kms round Kent is to have a barbag.

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