• Where I’m “from” it’s when a significant proportion of the gravestones in the churchyard have your surname on them or 10 generations whichever is later.

  • So, family-focused serial killer is a good way to bump yourself up the local standings then?

  • Banged out 90km of #nogravel yesterday/Bank Holiday Monday. Other surfaces were ridden too

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  • Thats a lot of drillings !

  • Does Ti like holes?

  • Thin Ti doesn't even like welding. Stupid material for a bike.

  • Most of the Ti frames I've seen have ended up cracked so I always chuckle to myself when I see the 'frame for life' stuff. But I don't know how it responds to drilling holes all over it. I don't particularly care either as I'd never ride Ti unless someone gave me one. If this is the same one I saw on Twitter there's only 32 of them so some Instagram whore will be posted pics from a cafe soon..

  • some Instagram whore will be posted pics from a cafe soon

    Literally the only reason for a Ti bike: They look nice on the 'gram.

  • smoke filled board room, people chuckling

    “So we’re now on pre orders for ss2025 and expected to sell out this week”

    “Last year we were barely clearing minimum order quantities at the factory, look at us now”

    laughter, one person lights a large cigar with £50 note, another cracks a beverage with a Paul components bottle opener

    “But now, I think we can squeeze more from this”

    “One more juicy whale swimming the oceans of bikes, a marginally lighter and significantly less stable whale to be precise”


    “Drawing upon the work of mrs ribble and x. Planet, even apline kittish, we can see the market is begging for ugly tableware looking bikes made of the shit version of aluminium, especially when paired with a a ps2 console looking fork”


    “What we’ll do is drill one full of holes, not only will this protect our off road image, but we can charge an extra crisp 20 for every hole we drill”

    the people gasp at the sheer audacity

    “We’ll be raking in so much you can put a new set of rene herse on for every ride, and that’s just from the savings of having to paint frames”

    crowd leaps into a standing ovation

  • A+. Would read again.

  • You’re a cracked.

  • Very much so. I think it's all this exposure to the elements.

  • Dicaprioclapping.gif

  • Aside from cracking if welded badly, how come?

  • #nipplegate

    I was out on the weekend getting rad on my SSCX on the trails near the North Downs and even when I bust my ass my avg speed is between 8 - 11mph for a 30-40 mile ride. Should I get a gravel bike? Is it going to enable me to see more trails?

    I had a fun gravel bike that got nicked which I replaced with a Pomp at ~52 gi. I'm happy to run up steep hills but that is slower than riding. SSCX to classic gravelbike seems expensive for just a bit of shifting, but is going to XC MTB going to encourage me to get so rad I break another bone? I inherently distrust MTBers. It's for shit like like this:

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  • All welding is bad for thin-walled titanium. The high heat causes local hardening and increased brittleness. Doen't matter on submarines or fighter jets where the sheet is so thick that the material doesn't get so hot.

    Titanium bikes are either thick-walled, heavy and harsh or (not even very) light, flexy and brittle.

  • Either gravel or MTB will be fine on that. MTB can do "more" but some of it will be a bit slower. So it depends what you're after. I love my low gears...

  • i really enjoy my weirdo rigid mtb on stuff like this, and conveniently, previously just rode it on a SSCX bike.

    it's just enough to travel over stuff like this with less effort, up and down, and get a simulacrum of mountain biking, without risking injury

  • Surely for gravel bikes they got on top of this?

  • Get a cross bike.


  • Only by making them heavy! Which can't be seen on Instagram

  • You already know my answer

  • More Surrey exploring this morn

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