• I have this super mild Gravel route which I intend to give a try with the Tracklocross bike once built. Have done it on my CX and reckon it's pretty doable in the dry on a road bike.
    I'd describe it as ideal terrain to grab some video content for your Gravel Specific Interview Youtube Channel.

  • Here, I put the two routes on top (RWGPS is SO GOOD) to visualise your detour after KM 37.

    Red line is the actual route, blue is the activity @JudeRains

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    • Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 10.57.09 .png
  • Ah nice one. The detour is actually quite fun and probably better than just cruising along a flat gravel path

  • If you’re free Friday I’ll show you...

  • seatpost slippage resolved? Great news if so!

  • A bit of old inner tube and a load of self amalgamating tape and it hasn't slipped in 3 rides so I'm calling it done for now

  • Routes being discussed with actually useful information and catching up? How are we on the schedule, can anybody check? I thought it was going to be regular #shitfromabutt for April.

  • Extremely Tukt & Incredibly Campy by Jonathan Safran Foer

  • You know in school when your mate got new shoes and you jumped on them to scuff them up?

    This bike reminds me of that.

  • Also gravel tyres but mudguard clearances suitable only for photos >>>

  • Painted mudguards are such a terrible idea.

    If we're allowed to post actual stuff about riding on this thread, I spent a lot of last week riding my (formerly Amey's aside from the frame + a number of other bits) GRVL bike in the vicinty of the South Downs and was great. It included plenty of genuine gravel and minimal stuff where I'd have been better off with a hardtail. Might try whole South Downs Way next weekend if it doesn't rain.

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  • Anyone getting more aggro from farmers recently? Is “gravel” grinding their gears?

    I was riding this track at the weekend. After about 3km there’s a gate, usually open sometimes closed. But this time padlocked a hand scrawled sign “no wheels” and a pack of savage looking farm hounds foaming at the mouth the other side of the gate.
    On the OS map the track is a byway until about 100m before the gate, then it becomes a footpath. OK I’ll happy to walk that bit but I’m not climbing the gate with 5 slavering hell hounds the other side.

    This combined with farmer nutnut’s stick waving anger issues a couple of weeks back makes me think that maybe word has got out.

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  • Lambing season and its the crazy dogs that are doing the attacks in north wales.

  • Does anyone know how to report land owners that prevent public access to right-of-way paths/bridleways? I’ve come across quite a few in Essex.

  • All of these would be much better without a Union Jack

  • Your local council should have a Public Rights of Way Inspector

    I’ve complained to my local council after someone “paved” a byway with smashed glass and marble countertops to make a razor sharp hell zone

  • How does the 3T ride? Looks pretty dope.

  • Thanks. It’s difficult to say really. First time on 650bs and the wheels are fairly chunky and have inner tubes. First time with hydro Sram and the levers and huge in the hand which isn’t great for braking off road if the surface is rough. The cranks are 175mm which is fine on my MTB but my road going bikes are 170 and I do sometimes feel like I’m kneeing myself in the chest when I’m trying to duck into a headwind on tarmac.
    Overall I’m pleased with it but I think there’ll be some fettling for quite some time until it’s spot on for me.

  • Rode some nice dry #OTPgravel today

    3rd photo was actually mega steep. Almost stacked it after stopping to take the photo at the top when my chamois got caught on my Broks Cambium c17 gravel saddle.

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    • CDF08C17-E012-47C4-9A51-D21C915BBD4C.jpeg
  • Ok since were now actually posting pics of riding gravel bikes on gravel :P Been to the US for work and had some time after in San Francisco and around. Got my road bike with me but for this day my friend gave me her Cannondale SuperX and it was a blast.

    On that note tho, I wasnt exactly blown away by the hydro Sram Force brakes. Im perfectly fine with my cable spyres with ultegra shifters.

    Definitely gonna ride my much neglected Space Chicken more once I'm back to London. Thanks for all above posting routes!

  • You mean you rode actual gravel, from the only country in the world with real gravel? I am not sure that's allowed on this thread.. Mods, please?

  • Truly a cursed upload.

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