• crazy to think that if we'd just got together and resisted thru axles and flat mount we'd all be able to get 700 x 50 clearance frames with full carbon forks for 500 quid instead of 1400?

    new page so I've added a link to a review


  • weird how they listed through axels as a negative but in the review left no comment on why it was bad


  • there's no place in this thread for commonsense

  • Yeah I mean I already have two 'gravel' frames but still have to convince myself not to get one of these 'just because it's a bargain and it's the bike people should buy'.

    I know big brands do it 'because R&D' but yeah, very pro Spa's approach here.

  • I wonder if thru axles and flat mount is going to be the next technological advancement that won't stick. Like pressfit bottom brackets, they only offer an advantage in certain circumstances.

    These frames would be my ultimate gravel/bikepacking/epic long journey bike. Geo that's based on the salsa Fargo. It's a stiffer frame so will ride better with heavy load, has 135mm qr dropouts and it isn't suspension corrected so you have way more front rack options. Now if only it had a kickstand mount.

  • Would be great but I don't see it happening personally. TA definitely here until ta boost takes over.

    Flat mount only causes crazy price hikes on steel frames or something like that and most frames in the future will be carbon or alu to offset the weight of batteries and motor etc so it's also unlikely to get bounced

  • I wonder if thru axles and flat mount is going to be the next technological advancement that won't stick.

    Oh it stick and stick well already, thru axle is a massive boost and advantage in bicycle.

  • massive boost

    Another bloody standard?

  • Is it though? QR fails on suspension forks and TA is the solution to this problem. All the other gains are marginal i would say, especially for road and gravel bikes. Or is cornering that much better on TA?

  • Just did exactly this. Cube Cross Race SL

  • I wonder if thru axles and flat mount is going to be the next technological advancement that won't stick. Like pressfit bottom brackets, they only offer an advantage in certain circumstances.

    TBF press fit bottom brackets should be the standard in non metal frames, it's just the brands seized the chance to cut costs instead of using proper tolerances.

  • It’s much better because it make it easier to line up caliper to the rotors, it reduce flex where you can hear rotors rub, I don’t need to worry about making sure the wheels is definitely 100% in the drop out.

    Quick release still fine, the problem is that it’s not consistent meaning if you for instance use open cam quick release, it may not grip the fork end enough to prevent it from moving, which even on rims brakes can wear out a chainstay (very often with the older Cannondale SuperSix).

    IMO, it’s less to go wrong, flat mount is not 100% great but because it’s now a standard, even MTB have flat mount now (XT and XTR), it make sense for rotors up to 160mm.

  • I’m trying to replace my hot ass aluminium GT cx bike with something at-least as fun but everything costs a mink coat and weighs 2kg+ more.

    It has clearance for 45mm tyres somehow.

    It’s miniV brakes are a bit shit (for 2021) so I figure ... just enjoy it. A crash will end it/me and just go from there. Dentists are open again now.

  • Like disc brakes and Di2 I would HATE to go back to QR.

  • MTBers need to be banned from building new bikes...

    Boost, Super Boost, Massive Boost and now FFS Boost.

  • I reckon thru axles probably are a bit better. But I'd rather have the 500 quid. I don't take my wheel off outside of a workstand anyway.

    Flat mount can 100% do one though. (It won't, and I'm sure my next bike will use it and TA)

  • if you know what you are doing and have a DT RWS Skewer, QR is ok. But yeah TA is better.

  • Anyway, now that we've done thru axle flat mount argument what's the weather like this weekend, anyone going out? Last weekend before the holy month of Ramadhan so I can't be bothered knowing I won't ride for another month afterwards but the verges by my house look pretty dry which normally mean the trails will be OK.

  • I have TA at the front because I was sent the wrong fork and it took months to come ain’t nobody got time for that shit, I converted the hub and adopted The Axle.
    Still QR round the back though.
    I’m not sure what advantage the front of my bike has over the rear.

  • Stiffer front end so disc rub is less of a problem.

  • I like TA, if only to guard against my laziness when fitting QR. Yesterday I was riding and my shifting at the rear was sh*t and constantly getting breakrub where I had neither problem prior to changing my pads around. Only realised last night the wheel wasn't seated properly. Didn't have this problem with the TA front. So TA to guard against user error FTW.

  • Is there gravel / CX hybrid crossover thread?

  • Discs rub?

    I'm out

  • Gravel is a state of mind, crossover is its essence.

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