• Stop saying Abingdon.

  • And how do 33mm CX tyres perform on the tarmac that makes up 95% of UK gravel routes?

  • You need to improve your route planning before worrying about tyre choice by the sound of things

  • You need to move out of London before worrying about tyre choice by the sound of things


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  • Remind me, did we work out if 2x GRX RD would work with a 46T or not?

    Further to that, will a GRX shift better on my current 42T than my Ultegra Di2 RD? ie. does it behave like the MTB RDs with the bigger cassette profile thingiebobs?

  • Sorry, only tyre chat atm

  • Mine shifts slightly worse than my R7000 when pushed above "Shimano stated working range", but might be the 1x chainline as well. The clutch is good.

  • Deserves to be carried over.

    When I need your advice, I'll give you the special signal. Which would
    be me being sectioned under the fucking mental health act.

  • Oh, I'll be looking for different tyres soon too.

    (What I really need is a motor)

  • Better hurry then. March is almost over!

  • Can someone resend the schedule?

    What's grippier than a WTB Venture and fast in ~47mm-50mm
    (WTB Sendero is the obvious one)

  • No, the optimal UK gravel tyre is 33mm, exactly the same as the UCI CX tyre upper limit. This is pure coincidence, determined through many hours of testing, and nothing at all to do with Stockholm syndrome. And that's why so many mountain bikers run 33mm tyres, because they provide optimal grip in all circumstances.

  • All else being equal they'll do a lot better than a 2" tire on tarmac.
    Problem with cyclocross tires is rocks. Flat pinched too many cyclocross tires.

  • When will people learn to always take more than one sort of bike out with them

  • This looks excellent - ride gpx anywhere? Would be nice to have something to look forward to when I'm at the in-laws. Assuming chunks are Tentsmuir?

  • gravel bikes should come with roof racks and then you could take your hard tail with you for when you encounter some #sfab

  • But 33c CX tread vs 47c slick.
    Out last week with buddies on CX bikes, me on 47c Horizons.
    Tarmac, no problem, all cruising a long at a fair pace considering the fat rubber
    In the woods, me struggling to keep up (which isn't unusual but this was even more so than normal)
    There was no gravel so to speak, just forest floor soft but dry type stuff.
    This combined with some dry packed mud will constitute the majority of my off road riding I suspect so the huge Horizons are probably not the most appropriate.

  • Gravel / Gravé / Gnarmac / Groad / Not quite CX bikes - aka - Just get a van

  • I find the 42c Resolute is a great compromise. That’s my winter tyre, not sure when/if I’ll return to a summer tyre.

  • Maybe they were just faster than you? :-*

  • Summer was deported after Brexit

  • They are. I'm just wondering if I can reduce the difference :)

  • ?

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  • I found Horizons fine on the Chilterns stuff except for muddy sections where I'd just hit fast and hope to clear anyway and they're faster than knobbies on road obvs. They're still a drag compared to road tyres. I was thinking of using a road bike for my next gravel race. Just make it full on weight weenie roadie and then just walk everything technical. I wonder what difference to my speed it would make :)

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Gravel / Gravé / Gnarmac / Groad / ATB / Not quite CX bikes

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