• I've loads of Spesh. They're great. It's this bespoke nonsense that takes 4 years to get built and then gets sold after a month because it doesn't fit or their taste has changed or whatever that makes me laugh. It's all still better than a fucking car.

  • I have been told that i have a Trek personality

    What, like you were hated on here during the Armstrong era because of cheating, but rehabilitated your reputation by promoting a more diverse type of cycling since?

  • Having seen how long it took you to pick a MTB, I think the custom cycling (cottage) industry just breathed a massive sigh of relief.

  • This is excellent

  • Blandness doesn't dilute consumerism.

  • Blandness doesn't dilute consumerism

    Tempted to add that to the thread title

  • People say/do all kind of bullshit to avoid having to buy a great Taiwan made OTP bike like giant/trek/canyon/spcialized.

    laughs in ikea kitchen

  • See, it starts raining so this thread gets catty. And I am here for it

    Everyone is on great form by the way

  • "all X are the same" and "some vague consumerist critique about commodity hobby" by a valued, albeit eccentric forum goer becoming weary of it all, gives gravel another 6-12 months before the tier 2 forum goers clock on and voice similar concerns, then 2 years till marginally online people clock on and look else where, and 3-4 years before the non online hobbyists clock on, finally the market will clock on in 5-7 years

    we could be rid of gravel bikes and the discourse by the end of the decade if we keep pushing!! dont give up!!

  • I am actually on the turbo

  • Squint and it says Genesis... still ugly tho

  • extension of their personality

    Pfft. Only scoble rivals you for the sheer depth and depravity of their personality dysfunction years AKA ‘bicycle insecurities & inconclusive adventures in buying vol III’.

    Don’t get all preachy up in here.

  • No1 and i mean no1 can keep up with scobles bike buying. Not me. Not JB. No1.

  • bicycle insecurities & inconclusive adventures in buying

    Never mind renaming the thread. That's a great new name for the whole forum!

  • BIIAB summer caps please.

  • I came to laugh at that English but came to laugh at all of you instead. 8/10 content..

  • Ran the Speed kings in 26” and loved them in the dry and on road, switched to Race Kings for the winter and found them much better in the wet trails, but slower on the road.

  • Ran the Speed kings in 26”

    I weep that I can't run these on my 90s MTB gravel bike.

  • 10/10 would buy.

    Quality #content today.

  • I need to find more of them....they are so good.

  • Don't rub it in! First ride on the 26" GravelKings this weekend though.

  • Happened to me during wet thick snowy days this winter while I borrowed my gfs bike. Snow locked the front wheel in quite high speed. Didn’t crash though as it ejected in time to save it.

  • +1 to this.

    I'll give the mud another month to dry up before putting the speed kings back on. Going to try painting them with silicon to get them tubeless this year. Any experience?

    I found they have lasted surprisingly well given how light they are. Hoping the tubeless gives me another season on them.

  • Was it that long?

    I mean, I was talking about getting one maybe 3 years ago but I wasn't that committed. Now I'm actually riding them, it's been maybe 3months and most of the delay is me trying to catch up on 20 years of MTB tech and the rest is everything being out of stock. OTP ftw

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Gravel / Gravé / Gnarmac / Groad / ATB / Not quite CX bikes and drop bar hybrids

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