• Consults the argument calendar

  • Good to know! I’ve got the 35s fitted on my winter road/gravel setup and they’ve been great.

  • That's great news, I had just finished 650b with GRX build a few weeks back and thought it was only good for the skip.

  • weather starts getting warmer and drier, suddenly the 650b slick , 3mm mudguard clearance gang all come out the wood work saying how they love their bikes. funny that.

    not a peep during the slop months

  • lol shots fired.

    What is this 650b? Why do people keep banging on about it?

    EDIT: I get the wheel is slightly smaller. And that is good why?

  • I think it is about 42mm

  • What is this 650b?

    The 'b' refers to bees - 650 bees laid end to end is the approximate circumference of a 650b wheel. Similarly, 700c is 700 cockroaches. Simple really.

  • Bees are better than cockroaches, so that makes sense.

  • Yeah when you hear people talking about save the bees, really they're just fans of 650b

  • Maxxis Ikon 2.2 have been on throughout winter and will stay on for summer too! The hunt for some big 650b slicks was for the 'supermoto' look, stupid I know.

    Slicks have no place on #ukgravel ,not in the Chilterns anyway..

  • I can’t say I would love to be out in the rain right now but more, yea

    I know value/ logo fail but they were full of sealant before I remember and I don’t care that much

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  • is that engineered wood or laminate?
    why is one of the appliances missing a door/cover?

  • There's far too much kitchen chat on this forum already, without you starting it here

  • Astute questions- I think it’s laminate flooring, and it’s the dishwasher that is missing the door. The IKEA door was chipboard and the screws pulled out. I think the previous owners used a normal door rather than a dishwasher door and put the holes in themselves but that’s just a hunch, I don’t know if dishwasher specific doors are any better. I’m going to swap over the washing machine door to tide us over.

  • ah ok, we are also on laminate and ikea chipboard (🤢) do you know who makes those other doors?

  • Back to gravel.

    I've taken the plunge and bought a Lauf True Grit now it's available. Was never convinced by traditional suspension forks for gravel so looking forward to see how it does.

    Off for maiden ride, will report back...

  • I love my bikes.

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  • I rode 47mm WTB Horizon slicks when the grrl and I did Chiltern Trail thingie.

  • Maybe saying they have 'no place' was a little harsh, there are a few weeks of the year when a slick would be fine! I'm just feeling bitter that it's still muddy :(

  • It was only muddy in a few bits when we rode but if you hit the patches with enough speed you can get through without putting a foot down on slicks (my biggest concern when riding with speedplay, although I was on flats for the tour thingie)

  • WTB Horizon slicks

    What I’m riding atm, no complaints so far. They seeped sealant for a while though. I’m still interested in Refuses, G1 speed, etc for comparison

  • anyone have opinions on the speed kings in 27.5 x 2.0 or 2.2? am thinking of either running 2 of those or a race king/speed king combo.

  • There’s also WTB thickslick...

  • This poor unnamed chap "just got an arkose" and, having seen my success with wild things such as "keeping a jacket clean" or "slightly drier feet", decided to try and fit both mudguards and 700c to his bike.
    My heart went out to him as he scrabbled in the undergrowth for the right stick to clear his bike on the 20km ride, it really did.
    My 650b? Just worked? Magic? Yes.

    Selection bias and sample sizes don't exist

  • The guard is closer to the tyre at the BB than it is at the rear. Stuff can get in but not out
    Also mudguards despite their name, are shit with mud

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