• I can just stalk you on strava so don't care about seeing your routes posted

  • @PhilDAS sorta the joke...

  • Who needs other people's routes?

    Go do some exploring. It's possibly the best thing about riding a bike

  • Who needs other people's routes?
    Go get some #content . It's possibly the only reason for owning a gravel bike

  • Can't be a joke, it wasn't funny

  • To beeline it straight to the content.
    In and out, home in time to load up photoshop and HDR the crap out of it.

  • It was.

    Evans were good about it. Let me have a spare freebie mech hanger too. All good.

  • I normally steal a route and then modify it to extend or shorten. It's nice to have something decent in advance if you're doing a lunch break ride and need to be done in a certain time.

  • If you don't know where you're going, you could end up in Croydon or something. And nobody wants that.

  • I think people don't post the routes because normally the concept is to ride through 20km busy a roads, 10km shit from a butt mud fields, then take a photo of an extremely un representative 200m of fishtank gravel

    And incredibly crowded cycleways and canals. Last two times I crashed I got taken off by careless idiots wobbling about in supermarket MTBs.

  • Last two times I crashed I got taken off by careless idiots wobbling about in supermarket

    What were you doing riding there?

  • Nice all black is nice actually!

  • Needed some cat litter for a heavily curated no gravel picture

  • Mine was loosely based on the lost lanes West route : wildflowers and watchtowers
    40km road 40km gravel/nice dry mud/towpath

    0km shit from a butt 2km A-Road this time

    PM if you wanna Komoot.

  • I actually like planning my routes, testing them, sharing with other people and taking in suggestions and comments from whoever had a go at it

  • That route we took through Epping Forest prompted me to buy a new bike.

  • I appreciate this. Think your Dirty Kanzelled routes was one of the first 'gravel' things we rode. There was quite a bit of chit chat about your routes on Weekend Rides thread (before we started needing goggles, a snorkel and 3 pairs of jockey wheels to get around them). ;)

  • Though always nervous putting it out there, waiting for someone to find a fault or complain!

  • Maybe it's time to start a nogravel/shitfromabutt route sharing thread?

    @skinny Are you done mapping out all the gravel in 100km radius from Girona?

  • we need less threads, not more. mods pls nuke this thread first

  • I'd be at it for years.

  • You mean, "help make it better"? :P

  • Strava route nicking is a dangerous game. I did an objectively dreary suburban ride out to reccee a bivvy spot near about 50m(etres) of prime bridleway last year. The weather was nice and I was in a great mood, so declared it something along the lines of "most fun I've had on a bike in ages".
    Cue 2 pals blindly going on a thoroughly disappointing (for them) ride through Oldham the following day.

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