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  • Needs must. Tore my legs up.

  • How was the route? Looks like a nice one, and the notes seemed to mention lots of good beer stops...

  • How's that 10000k? Do you ride turbo only? Change chains every week? Never see any mud?

  • We clearly have done very different riding or there are significant gaps in quality of different batches.

    Also, your pulleys look different from mine, what GRX is it?

  • I think I can pinpoint a lot of wear to a specific ride, where the mud was a semi-frozen thawing gel/grinding paste, or at least all of the wear was suddenly extremely evident after that ride. But yeah, out of 1500km very few were not in the thick gloopy ukgravel

  • My Shimano mountain bike ones are starting to look like that, and I've certainly done a lot less KMs than on my SRAM setup, and I'm cleaning the drive train after every ride. Will probably just replace them with some purple ones.

  • I pretty much destroyed my drivetrain riding in snowy gritted roads. Took me just a month to completely stretch the chain and that grinded trough everything. Didn't even went off-road.

  • and you wonder why I don't bother riding through mud.

  • I don't get out of bed for anything less than shit from a butt

  • 1500km, what the fuck, you’re worst than all of my worst customers combine.

  • gravel ? sounds rubbish

  • It's like #shitfromabutt but your partner might kiss you when you return from your epic adventure to conquer new lands and discover new worlds.

  • How long did the Ardennes Arbalete take you? I can ride to the route from here so might do it if I have a couple of days to spare (and the Belgians relax their trans-border rules)

  • I pretty much destroyed my drivetrain riding in snowy gritted roads.

    Yup, a lots of customers coming in like that.

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  • Yeah, Gatorskins. That's horrific.

  • I’d do it again. Beautiful route and welcoming communities. Everyone around there loves bikes and touring. We did it during the TdF so spent most evenings with a blonde beer watching the end of a stage surrounded be Belgium cycling fans.

    @atz, did it leisurely in seven days with a non-cyclist.

  • Cheers. I guess I can shortcut the top end if I want to squeeze it into a weekend. Academic until I don’t need to carry a bloody piece of paper to get around.

  • I reckon having the stem almost horizontal is a bit of a look.

  • replace them with some purple ones.

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  • Uk Gravel trading report

    Sub 40c gravel bikes up 5.3 points
    650b slicks up 2.5 points
    2” monster cross down 6 points

    There seems to be mumbling amongst big gravel posters that they’re regretting their heavy investment in shitfromabuttinc, but are holding strong to see it pay off in the 3rd quarter, see this spike of 35isenoughcorp as a short term bubble

    Bike buyers are nervous that their 6 month lead times might lead them to miss this return, bike manufacturers were asked to reassure the market and are yet to reply

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  • Well, it's settled then. Hopefully that won't be an issue until next winter

  • Is that the reason, really?

    If replacing wearable parts when they are worn out because you rode the shit out of them is a reason for putting off cycling then you're screwed.

  • I take that as a compliment

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