• Nice! Deep wheels suit the huge frame.

  • 50mm deep yes ;)

    Maximum tyres are 700*38c

    I might try 650b some day when I go fixed on this

  • 42-47c

    The connoisseur’s choice.

  • poseurs

    Ok bridleway bossman.

  • Double bugger then my end... may need to rethink again... might take a punt on a Niner

  • Canyon was amazing, but I really wanted something which could run 650b too. I also wasn't sure whether I was happy with max tire clearance at 42mm...

    Whilst I love the hover bar I could see how it would be problematic to live with inability to adjust easily and mount lights computer etc (they do have propreitary mounts).

    Bottom line was I didn't want to spend £4.5k on a grav grav bike and I realised I could use my cycle to work scheme in independent shops hence buying Fugio 20.

  • This will be a big hit to the “people who ride too fast on shared use and tow paths collective”, not sure they will ever recover

  • On-One doing a full carbon gravé build for sub 2k (apologies if a repost). Bargain or bullshit?

  • Open mould, basic wheels, decent groupset but still outdated. Better bikes at that price point, I'd say.

  • Jumping on the MTB tyre hype train and asking: does anyone want to take some 2.2 27.5 maxxis ardent race (the nice ones which are about £35 new) off me? They came on some wheels I bought but have barely been used. I'm going to stick them on eBay but if I can save the hassle I will. I'd be after £23 posted.
    I'd keep them for days like yesterday (see photo) but they don't fit my bike.

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    • PXL_20201222_140535243.jpg
  • Would need to factor in some additional ££ for a respray

  • Yeah looking at it again, all I can see is this

  • I know someone with one and it looks even worse IRL

  • What's the downside of open mould?

  • Nothing at all, but that exact frameset will be available from somewhere else for less money and without the 'paint job'. No snobbery about open mould at all!

  • I'm a big fan of that On-one paintjob. It's proper nasty, as it should be.

  • Silly aero wheels, dynamo and tractor tyres. Shame it doesn't fit 2.1" for maximum points

    Check, check, check.

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  • I'm getting my Ti Gravel beast delivered after work today, I'm so excited I could pee myself

  • super happy with my sub 2k but on Shimano.
    clear right 47 Sendero...

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  • Three things;

    Which Tubus is that Tubus?

    Why is your headlightlight pointing at your toes?

    Lovely frame!

  • Sorry to bring this up again as I'm sure we're all bored of the convo....BUT

    these bars are stupid! Just get a mtb bar, you'll be better in most situations

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  • Tubus Vega Evo rack for commuting. I made the chainstays a bit longer than necessary given the ST angle so the top arms are at max extension. My only slight regret with the frame geometry. I think the front light is roughly right.. haven't ridden it in the dark yet to check. And very happy with the frame! Local builder here in Boulder.

    @Hulsroy cheers ears. It's been 18 months from frame order to wheels built.

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