• Cars with automatic gears are boring. In something slower like a bike it would be even worse. Could be nice for the kind of e-bike rider that don't shift, just slogs in a tiny cog with full assistance.

  • Also I believe they were much less fuel efficient until relatively recently. I drove a quite old, low spec rental automatic a few years ago and it was dismal - and I wouldn't be a petrol head by any means

  • Cars with automatic gears are boring.

    Hmmm. I wouldn't describe my RS6 Avant as boring. Bit of a one trick pony, perhaps, but it's a good trick and not in any way boring.

  • I didn’t get it till I had driven through stop start traffic in rush hour London. My arse and clutch leg were screaming after a couple of hours.

  • Hah - that bike has some miles on it. Filthy.

  • Having ridden an auto nuvinci/enviolo I can confirm it’s fucking awful and seemed to do the exact opposite of what you wanted - pedal harder to speed up and it lowered the gear, its purely based on cadence though , you set the cadence you want to pedal at and it changes automatically to keep you at that cadence. Probably perfect for a plodder on an ebike that doesn’t understand gears.

  • Shush your car chat and get back to 1x vs 2x

  • Wanted a little break did you? Thought you'd cycle a little slower to catch your breath will you? Too bad, bigger gear for you.

  • Pretty much yeah, but ebike so 🤷🏻♂️

  • Cars are boring.


  • Also I believe they were much less fuel efficient until relatively recently.

    That they are, my parents switch to auto after it transpired it better for fuel consumption especially when there’s setting it to keep it in economical mode.

  • My last statement on cars before I shut up, but this:

    Cars with automatic gears are boring

    is exactly the guff I'm talking about. It's just continuing outdated stereotypes that hold back progress.

  • Barely, unless you're doing 50k miles a year, you'd barely notice. It was most likely an uneconomical car regardless of which transmission was installed.

  • I meant the quality of the transmission, how reactive it was type thing, was objectively terrible.

    It was separate to the statement that automatic cars, historically, were less efficient, or that was the idea then. Now, sure, probably more efficient.

  • I was checking this out earlier, sub 3k, it's hella tempting!

  • Gravel bike is done. This is a WTB Venture 47mm on an WTB i23 rim. With this clearance, what do you 1x lovers think about a wider i25 rim with similar or wider tyres? Would they increase or decrease effective tyre width with this shape tyre? I'm building a new front wheel with dynamo and I'm still undecided between 23 and 25 because I just don't know how it will impact the tyre width. These tyres are kinda like a spikey army haircut whereas the GKs are much rounder profile.

  • get a bespoke bikepacking bag made for the vertical gap between tyre and fork crown

  • I'm still undecided between 23 and 25 because I just don't know how it will impact the tyre width.

    very very little, just go 25

  • The new Decathlon Riverside 920 has popped up. V gravé. V interesting for the price.

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    • Touring+Bike+Riverside+Touring+920.jpg
  • fuck thats good, clears 29er 2.25 !

  • Change the thread title @BareNecessities !

  • Considering some tyre inserts as I love wasting furlough cash on bike stuff. As we've established there is no gravel in the UK and think some inserts would help my confidence in running even lower pressures when descending the "gravel" of the north west. Are they any good? How much swearing required to fit them?

    Bonus pic of my arkose as it's got some new bits on. Polishing a turd.

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    • PXL_20201112_145513935.jpg
  • 33 mounts on the frame and fork to attach all your accessories and pannier racks

    Still couldn't fit a front derailleur

  • That's where I keep my fingers warm. FrictionHeater™

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