• Panaracer and WTB are old tubeless, they’re noticeably harder when compared to modern type (like Teravail which inflate and hold without sealant).

    Would you like me to send you a modern 650b gravel tyres that easy to set up?

  • WTB weren't hard to set up. One of them wouldn't stay up and that was fixed with new tape.
    Panaracer went up fine on one wheel but on the other wheel it also needed new tape, which let go and got new tape, which didn't hold air over night, so then got wider tape and was fine. (I stupidly didn't bring my wider tape to Spain before the race, thinking the 19mm Tesa would suffice).

    I got a brand new set of 47mm 650B WTB Ventures ready to go on when I wear out these Horizons. I would've preferred something even wider but these were an emergency purchase in case the 700x50 Panaracer setup failed again (it didn't, they're still holding air just fine).

  • Oh, but now I'm curious, what's "old" and "new" tubeless? Is it like GP5000s with that big block bead?

  • Tubeless is perfect fodder for internet arguments because of the unpredictable performance across different hardware combos. It's awesome when it works and it has always worked for me but some people have a miserable time, and spending $$$ on tires, sealant, etc and having it fail totally sucks. Don't blame anyone for giving up, or going tubed for x tire size/pressure/whatever.

  • Yeah, it's a frustrating bag of dicks. But I see obvious advantages for big tyre / low pressure / rough applications.

  • Yeah pretty much, the older tubeless haven’t really changed like the Gravel
    King that still weep a bit and the bead is too stiff to really hook onto the rims that sealant are needed to block the gap.

    Modern tubeless made fitting a lots easier, I fit on average a couple or 4 tubeless a weeks, the latest stuff like the Vittoria whose carcass is well made that there’s zero weeping, instant hook on the rims with no air escaping, very supple as the sidewall are much softer yet still hold up well.

    I have ridden Teravail Rampant for 6,000km inc. the B.C. logging road with tubeless, I had five punctures in its lifetime which is basically the tyres drop pressure a bit (felt slightly squirmy) then inflate again back to regular pressure.

    Hence why I offer to send you a modern tubeless 650b tyres that aren’t made 5 years ago.

  • The GK SK+ I raced had the opposite issue. The bead seems super soft. Almost too easy to fit onto the rim. They're still holding air from start of Sep though which is pretty good. I might still pull them off the rims (I need them back for road use anyway) and see if I actually punctured during the race. (I really don't want to pull these off the wheels - I'd rather buy new wheels haha)

    GP5000s are a total prick to fit and they're new TL aren't they? Thanks for the offer but like I said I've got two brand new Ventures here already and they're only 2 years old in terms of origin.

    What would you suggest in 650B around the 50mm mark? I looked at Terravail before Badlands but they were expensive and I have a feeling most places were out of stock.

  • Ignore this. Wrong forum...

  • Ventures on DT rims have been great to me. As always go wide on the tape. Good luck!

  • they had 4 different people have a go at setting them up.

    My first go at tubeless was a nightmare took ages to get working perfectly, experience really pays dividends here.

    One thing people really overlook with tubeless is the pressure in the tyres, if you're expecting to run higher pressures just stick with tubes, because all that happens is once you get a puncture with all that pressure the sealant is just gonna jettison out of there not stick, bunch up and plug the hole, and possibly tear the hole even bigger.

  • These are the WTB i23 rims so they're already quite a bit wider than my road rims with the Panaracers (18 and 19mm rims I think). The rear 650B Horizon is full of weeping cuts so it's not long for this world I would imagine.

  • Yeah, I've said like 20 times in here I'm not running anything less than ~45mm and 40psi tubeless. Eventually everyone will realise #hippyisalwaysright and they'll move back to tubes for road bikes. :)

  • That's fine, you're wrong, you just haven't had a big enough problem to change your mind yet.

  • I think hippy needs an entirely new sub-forum dedicated to his mechanical woes :-)

  • Here's a picture of some "gravel" ...

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  • Isn't that what LFGSS is?

  • One more for good measure, to bring this thread back on track.

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  • has @hippy bought £30 inner tubes yet?

  • Here's some more 'gravel'.

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