• it's the lack of a lightweight, reliable, affordable hub gear or gearbox that is holding belt drive back

    Do you think the whole “what if” scenario prevent people from forking out? (Like what if I need part for it etc.)

    I know it doesn’t matter as hubs gears are extremely reliable, just interesting to hear your thoughts.

  • The Ikea bike was the big opportunity for belt drive to break into the mainstream imo... it shit the bed. There were reports of Ikea scrapping containers and containers worth of bikes. I doubt there’s many bike brands prepared to take the gamble after such a big, public failure. Shame really but I think beltdrive has always been somewhat over-sold.


  • You watched that home-made DH bike video didn't you? :)

    A British rider on Badlands had a shit what's that famous brand of hub gears? one of them anyway. Said it didn't miss a beat. Still got a chain it's not flapping around and there's no RD.

  • I've never snapped a belt!

    I mean, I've never used one either, but that's a minor detail ;)

    It's the custom frame requirement that's the biggest issue with belts. (yeah, you can mod a frame but they're not as good). I think we covered this a bit in the SS thread. I'd love to never have to clean oil from another chain again and the rate I go through them, sheesh.

  • It's actually a shame more frames aren't made 'belt compatible', because there's no real drawbacks if you don't use the option, but at least having it there means you can give it a go. Options are always a good thing.

  • All frames are belt compatible if you have one of these;

  • I think the guy doing all the touring talks about purpose built frames being stiffer somewhere so you can run the belt looser to prolong drivetrain life. Modded frames that didn't have belts in mind often aren't as stiff in whatever direction and so tend not to be as good.

  • No, thats interesting thanks.

  • Rohloff? I have one on my tandem.

  • Given how many times I had to unwrap my chain from the cogs in Morocco because it had got so dry a rohloff would be faster

  • I did lube mine twice a day but otherwise fine.

  • I have a Rohloff on my tandem and it's lovely (except in 7th gear). But I hate the gripshift and since it's the only shifter they offer it really prevents anyone from using it on a drop bar bike like most gravel bikes.

    However.. If they made a drop bar lever, it would immediately become a good alternative and the belt drives would follow.

  • I probably did too, I think it might have been to do with the front derailleur too. I think there's something for it being internal. Plenty of people breaking something out there and ending a race. Either from banging it falling over, flicking a rock up, or hike a bike push

  • Oh ronholff has issues too. Weirdly my 7th is shit. And the gripshift is bad. But I think mine needs a service before passing complete judgement.

  • Hence my love for 1x 12 off road.

  • Bingo.

    Duncan! I kept referring to him during the race as 'singlespeed not singlespeed guy' after someone (maybe you) at the start asked if he was on singlespeed.

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  • ^ He does accommodation/routes for cyclists (including an annual coast to coast route), based somewhere in Catalonia. I could probably find a link if anyone's interested.

  • FYI, the 'well established component supplier' was Conti. Their belts couldn't take the cold.

  • I love the fact that this has become the internal hub gear thread; @BareNecessities how come there are no pinion gravel bikes?

  • Because heavy bikes don't sell, unless they have a motor

  • Even Gates budget belt failed
    /skipped a lots, it have to be the more expensive one to make it worthwhile.

  • no pinion gravel bikes?

    There's this, but I have no idea why they're used that ridiculous ugly tensioner instead of some sliding dropouts

  • pinion gravel bikes


    Needs a Thudbuster, to really finish it off

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