• Surley all this is pointless. What gravel needs is better internal geared hubs and belt drive. Given the biggest issue is poor shifting due to chain wear/dirt etc. as an every day rider bike I'd prefer that stuff.

  • better internal geared hubs and belt drive

    Not sexy enough. Won't sell enough of those the Dentists and Bankers

  • Not sexy enough

    Especially considering the sort of people who buy these things

  • I knew I should have kept that 2011 Giant Defy with Shimano 2300. Thumb shifters before it was cool.

  • Further to the planet x Ti chat, thoughts on the ribble 725? I like the look of it in steel but see they do a titanium frame as well.

  • Campagnolo grav group not looking too bad on the new Stelbel bike

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  • jesus. if that wasn't electric I'd buy one

  • Belts don’t like gravel either though.

  • Why have they used an fsa crank

  • Agreed. Will take chain and hub gear though.

  • Ah didnt know that. Fair

  • What do belts not like about gravel? Thought they were no worse than a chain but with the various advantages of a belt?

  • people have done Tour Divide on belts - this guy is doing it right now - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SR2bKmS­zCc&t=684s

    . He hasnt complained about it yet.

    Think belts really only suck in sludge mud.

  • The guy from Cycling About has done 100000k with his belt drive, hasn't complained either?

  • TBF there’s an entry level version that’s horrdeous.

  • You really need to clean them regularly to avoid the belt getting damaged by grit/sand. They’ll do a lot of miles but to get your moneys worth you still have to look after them. My point was, if used off road, they’re not the maintenance free dream people think.

    Still, 90% of “gravel” bikes probably never see anything beyond a bike path.

  • My point was, if used off road, they’re not the maintenance free dream people think.

    Fair, but that can't be more taxing than proper chain maintenance. Still think it's a shame they haven't been more commercially successful.

  • Which was sort of my point. Innovation and development of new things, rather than trying to 1, or 2 up, other brands.

  • You really need to clean them regularly to avoid the belt getting damaged by grit/sand.

    The later Centertrack reduce this compare to the earlier generations.

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  • I have heard the same about centertrack.

    And when you do need to clean grit out you just use a toothbrush and maybe some water or whatever. No degreaser or ultrasonic bath.

  • After using my belt drive for over a decade, in mud, gravel, dust, rain etc, I've only once had a problem, and that was in crazy thick mud when a stone got dragged through the drive and snapped the belt (which was already years old). But I know more people that have snapped chains riding on clean roads.
    I now have belts on both my mtb and my cargo bike which gets used every day, and I don't ever want to go back to chains if I can help it.

  • Have you heard of the Classified 2-speed hub?

  • Also, I was running dinglespeed, so had cogs running really close together giving less space for the mud to escape.

  • I think the main reason they haven't been more successful is because most people don't want to fork out for a decent hub gear. So unless you run singlespeed they tend to go with regular mechs.
    it's the lack of a lightweight, reliable, affordable hub gear or gearbox that is holding belt drive back.

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