• PDFs are done, you now need 50 instagram stories to explain why your bike do be like that.

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  • Both colours look shite, imo

  • Hold your horses mate, they might release an engineering reason on why they chose bad colours.

  • Loads of reasons why they put some dots on it, less explanation on why they picked some colours and asked the painter to make them look like February

  • Big bikes with 650b always look odd to me.

  • When are the Arkose 2021 colours coming out? sports direct are really teasing us, pre-orders are open with a coming soon placeholder - really upping the hype game.

  • could have been quite nice in metallic.

  • RIP chargebikes
    Forever in our hearts

  • My god, I just looked at their Secan order page. It's still the same deposit nonsense like at launch and you can pick all the different options but it won't tell you the price let alone add up a total.
    Instead they expect you to go to another PDF and get the final price yourself.
    Imagine if somebody could invent a machine that's really good with numbers.

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  • Woah, just been on the website, when did this happen? guessing they just got bought out for the suitable name or something?

  • I've never actually seen any of these final iteration plugs for sale in real life anywhere, did they actually go to production?

    They're fucking nice, love a charge bike. It would be cool to own the ultimate plug after all it's history.

  • Thanks. Need 700 cos wheelset.

  • I thought they got bought out by Cannondale (Cycle Sports Group?) with Fabric (same people as charge) part of the deal a few years ago now. The ex-head of charge now part of Cannondale design team and assume they got the rights to the name as part of the deal, put it on ice and have relaunched it as a e-bike brand now. Like you say suitable name.

    Someone else almost certainly knows more thank I do.

  • Proper Banging. Same goes for the 853 CDF. Bit...on the pricey side for a frame though.

  • I honestly don't know why they didn't release this plug model. Would have been popular I think.

  • wE pUt SoMe dOtS oN It

  • They’re taken a leaf out of Thorn!

  • I really really really wanted one of these new plugs. I was weirdly hyped when they announced them. I am riding a 2015 charge plug 5 (the tange prestige) and already threw loads of money on it to pimp it up. I just love this bike so much. I replaced it like two times but always came back to it. It just feels so right for me on the (g)road. Carried me around quite some places around the world already.

    The minor downsides:

    1. Tyre clearance 700c x 38 / 650b x 42 (I want moar)
    2. No third bottle cage
    3. Damn boring paint job
    4. Slightly older standards: QR, 1 1/8th straight head tube

    The new version would have given me all that afaik.

  • Tyre clearance 700c x 38 / 650b x 42 (I want moar)

    I've got 47s in mine...

  • Yeah depends on tyre and rim. I had WTB Horizons (47 / slicks) on a more narrow rim in there and WTB Resolutes (42 / knobby) on really wide mtb rims. Both worked but I felt way more comforatble on the latter in terms of clearance.

  • Am I imagining things or has someone somewhere mentioned that there may be a titanium bombtrack hook ext coming?

  • If there, is my credit card will self destruct

  • I’m currently near the Suffolk coast and there’s so much not proper gravel I’ve given up taking photos. Would highly recommend to anyone nearby, loads of tracks and trails all over the place - not gravel heaven!

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