• Can anyone help with some Shimano compatibility insight?

    Using the charts, I can see a FH-M8010 rear hub is compatible with an CS-M8000 cassette, and that a CS-M8000 cassette is compatible with an RD-RX812. Does that mean those three things will happily work together, despite not being described on the same chart?

  • FH-M8010

    You sure?

    What are you trying to do in real world terms? Put an 11spd MTB cassette onto gravel hub or something?

  • I think so, looking at the MTB 11 speed chart.

    It's a new Croix de fer build with a GRX 1x11 drive train, and I need a 142x12 rear hub.

    From what I can see, the GRX rear derailleur definitely works with the XT cassette.

  • I don't have any GRX parts I'm afraid.

    I can only confirm that the 11spd 11-42 MTB cassette works with the Ultegra 'shadow' RD (on my Mason without any extra Wolftooth stuff).

    You need to use a spacer (1.8mm I think) if you're putting an 11spd MTB cassette onto a 11spd road freehub.

  • Yes, GRX derailleurs work with 11-speed XT cassettes. Make sure you add a 1.85mm spacer if you are using an 11-speed road hub.

  • mmm, I think I forgot to do that with my RX812 + CS-M7000 on DT370. Should I panic, or just put it on and move on? I think a spacer was supplied with the turbo trainer...

  • I also forgot to do that and it made the cassette rattle around! Remove the cassette and check that the freehub body is not damaged. If it looks OK pop a spacer on and you are good to go.

  • Thanks everyone.

    The 8010 is an XT mountain bike hub. Does that already have the spacer built in?

  • MTB hubs have the same spline pattern but are narrower so do not require the spacer (unless you are fitting 8 speed or something like that)

  • If you're running an 11spd MTB cassette on an 11spd MTB freehub body, you don't need the spacer.

    It's only for MTB -> Road hubs

  • Finally got the used Tripster frame I picked up built. Aside from some fresh tape, everything was sourced from the forum or from the parts bin.

    All seemed good on the commute this morning and hopefully it'll see some non-existent London gravel tomorrow.

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  • :-*

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  • New bike should arrive this week. Will need to have the brakes swapped over to avoid instant death when I get used to disc brakes. While I'm at it, is it worth getting a flared handlebar on?

  • Always - without a flared Gnhandlebar who are we?

  • Haven't used my Arkose for aaaages so decided to decamp it to my folks on the Isle of Wight, cycled down from Palace last week and then took it out on some bridleways (and routes that were definitely more geared to MTB) while I was there. Now living in their loft. Happy days. Such a fun bike, had forgotten.

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  • Anyone own a Canyon Grail ? Need some help with sizing.

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  • Well I am not sure I own it, but I have one. That one colour one infact.

  • Anyone own a Canyon Grail ?

    Is anyone devoid of taste? Like the Specialized Future shock, the suspension element is in the wrong place and also a gimmick IMHO.

  • Valid point, but vanity aside, is the benefits so good that's it's a no brainer?

    Planet x has this for £19.99 which seems like a good option to try it out


  • looks very nice!

  • it is hideous (esp the canyon) but the bar suspension stuff does work. i have one of the shock stop stem things and i imagine the future shock is nicer, esp since the newer one is damped. it isn't necessary for most riding ofc but there have been a few times when i was doing fast rocky or washboarded descents that i was very happy for it, some super long rides, and also some unexpected pothole impacts. only time it is annoying is when sprinting on the hoods which i don't do much of anyhow.

  • Get a flared bar I like the ritchey venturemax one. It's very good

  • Great anti theft looks.

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