• Vitus/wiggle bikes are also a bit meh.


  • If you want to run a front rack then a carbon fork isn’t the best option

    The Trek Checkpoint able to run a low rider.

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  • Got an arkose, use a super c bar bag on the front and carradice super c on the back for day rides/commuting.

    When I eventually use it for touring would just buy a rear rack and some panniers.

  • Didn’t say you couldn’t, just that it wasn’t the best option.

  • Love my Kinesis Tripster AT and use for just these purposes. They updated yesterday to confirm they have stock back this month (a bonus given the current bike market).

    This is mine:

  • Yeah, I raced mine across the US and Europe with 700Cs and now it has 650Bs with fat rubber and has been doing commuting, pre-lockdown and now it's for gravel stuff around London.

  • post more of it please

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  • Didn’t say you couldn’t, just that it wasn’t the best option.

    Oh no, I only learnt that this Trek is billed to run a front low rider as part of their selling point.

  • Checkpoint is a top bike, like erryone round here has one for gravgrav.

  • Dad biek gravy edition

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  • I've yet to use that. Is it good? I've tried most but can't find summat that isn't essentially water or flour.

  • That's real nice! Is that a 10 speed MTB rear derailleur with those Tiagra shifters?

  • Cheers, mech is GRX400. Had bought an 11 speed SLX mech and the shifters were listed as 105 10 speed, was hoping for 11 to use with a JTEK but with them being 10 speed (tiagra) just paired with the grx. Works well and bonus 10 speed cheaper to maintain for a commuter/ beater.

    Hoods are the ugliest of all time but brakes work great!

  • Interesting. Is that a new stem? Works well with the form crown.

  • Ti stem and post from parts bin innit. With the bar swap and addition of the hope/dt swiss from the gravel bike setup tubeless it really rides so well.

  • While we are on tripsters, I do like mine.

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  • This one is mine. Did a couple of days riding to Cologne and back just after building it.

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  • How much swearing fitting those challenge tires?

  • Loads. On this ride I also got a couple of punctures which was incredibly fun fixing them in the rain.

  • I liked them once stretched, but no way I'm going back for that initial fitting.

  • I wouldn't use anything else at this point. I had a lot of issues with WTB tyres that came with lots of pin holes in them from new but the race stuff seals it up easy.

    I've used it in my bikes for a couple years with no issues too.

    The orange seal stuff is also really good but dries up quite quickly and a faff to remove

  • I cut them on a flinty path and they’re sitting on a hook in the garage. Keep thinking of booting them but they were an arse ache to fit so I’ll probably just give them away

  • You can use SLX 11 speed with Tiagra 4700 as cable pull is same as 11 speed tho? (thus can use jtek)

  • Thanks to all for there frame suggestions over the last few days. I'm down to a shortlist of two - the Arkose and Tripster AT.

    No doubt the Arkose is great value, but I'd be looking at selling most of what it comes with as I already have a wheelset I want to use and would prefer to run Shimano GRX 810.

    So now just need to make a decision based on just looking at the two frame sets. No doubt I'll have more questions soon.

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Gravel / Gravé / Gnarmac / Groad / Not quite CX bikes/ - aka Just get an Arkose

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