• i have been there and going tubeless will help, but they remain carpicious and with fragile sidewalls. shame because on tarmac they roll very well

  • I have a Bowman Pilgrims disc that I use for commuting, but no longer gets any use as I no longer commute.

    I’m debating whether to sell it and buy another fixed or convert it to a more gravel/easy off road set up.

    If I decide to convert it a bit, does anyone have a Pilgrims in this guise I could have a look at for inspiration? Also, what are the biggest tyres I can run?

    Apologies if simple questions, but I only ever ride tarmac, so this stuff is new to me.

  • Will give tubeless a go then.

    Another thing for me to balls up before taking the bike to the shop to get done properly

  • Yeah the riddlers roll great on the road and have served me well so far. I've abused them with the "gravel" riding in the peak District and picked all manner of shit out of them and seal up well tubeless. My only issue would be they dont last very long though, almost worn through my second rear on under 1000km. Will try something different next for longevity but not sure what to go for.

  • I had Riddlers on the 650B wheelset I got. They were fine while I had them on but it wasn't that long after I swapped to the slicks because it was primarily a road going bike.

  • I had a really bad experience with riddlers (multiple punctures, last of which in the middle of nowhere at dusk, had to roll down a gravel path on the rims : |) - probably fine tubeless, mind

  • thanks - annoying the 700c aren't tubeless : /

    search continues. not sure I can afford to pony up for the teravail rutlands tho the reviews are good...

    edit: http://www.bgcycles.com/new-page-24

    Why are the 700c Rock ‘n Road tires not “Tubeless Compatible” and the 650b are?

    So, here’s the thing... The brand new 650b tires have a specifically designed “Tubeless Compatible” bead. When we had the 700c tire mold made three years ago, tubeless 700c tires were not being made by Panaracer. However, even though the 700c Rock ‘n Road tire is not made with a “tubeless compatible” bead, everyone from Panaracer, Stan’s No Tube, Mike Varley of Black Mountain Cycles and pretty much everybody we know runs them tubeless. In fact we have not heard of a single case in which they didn’t work, and to boot most people prefer to run them this way. So to answer the question - can they be run tubeless, yes they can be. Will we stand behind them as a “Tubeless Compatible” tire - No, due to the current legal system and the propensity to be sued over minute details.

  • Nice, what size is this?

  • arkose D3 medium

  • Riddlers are great. Quick, rough and fast rolling. There's no reason to run them with tubes anyways.

  • Since we're on the topic of tyres, has anyone tried the WTB raddler?
    I need to replace my riddler which I quite like but I fancied going a bit bigger than 37 (without going all the way to 45)

  • apart from the non tubeless ones i suppose

  • Not yet. I've got a couple to fit to my new gravel bike, but I haven't got round to fitting them yet. Or finishing building the frame. Or wheels.

  • On the topic of WTB tyres^^ - Resolute are amazing. They glide on tarmac, and offroad knobs are spaced out just right for traction in all kinds of conditions.
    3000km in some signs of wear, but should last another 1000 at least until noticeable wear begins?
    42mm on 23 IW rim measure just over 44mm mind

  • I've run both resolute and riddler, both run tubeless both a mix of on and off road. Cant say I had huge issues with them. Both I managed to run to the canvas.

  • I guess I shouldn't wait for your review then... : )

  • Agreed totally here! Resolute are excellent. Stick to everything and roll incredibly well for what they are. Running tubeless and no issues yet!

  • I've been using Resolutes for a couple of years now. They've lasted, and the only puncture I had was a pinch puncture from smashing the rear wheel into a sharp curb. Would buy again.

  • The broken part is made of alloy, not steel - that was my point

  • Well, that depends how patient you are. The frame looks like this at the moment.

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    • DSC_0277.JPG
  • I've been riding these tyres since last September and they're pretty good, not slow on pavement and good grip on gravel or light mud. No punctures so far. And I don't ride them tubeless.

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  • thabks, i would definitly try resolutes once i get a frame that allows 42

  • Wow this weather is not the time to dive into your first tubeless experience with a track pump!!!

    Turns out there were two holes in the 3 day old riddler which to be fair the sealant has plugged right away

    A little worried that something's going to fail spectacularly as it took 20 minutes from getting the bike out of the garage to completion (only done rear tyre for the moment want to make sure it holds air for 24 hours before doing the front).

    Only hiccup was having to retape the rim as i wasnt happy with the first go

    EDIT. well that didnt take long, just checked the bottle and I put in 30ml of sealant (at most), I assume thats going to puncture easier than with tubes now!

  • Give it a go. Radavist also had some tips on how to set them up. I was able to get them set up but they didn't stay up. came down during the night and sealant leaked out. Disclaimer: they were not stored properly in my damp shed for too long.

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