• Yeah.. there's really no compromise for a well fitting saddle.
    Totally understandable.

  • Bought from here a couple of weeks ago and now resplendent in the finest aliexpress has to offer...

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  • Stick something in the bar ends before they take a human core sample.

  • Guys... sorry if this isn't the right place to ask this but... the GRX groupset seems to be flatmount only. Are XT/XTR calipers the way to go, if you have postmount frame ?

  • SLX are fine, but yeah.

  • SLX and a BH90 hose with a banjo

  • Deore calipers are just fine.

  • Sorry if this has been asked a bazillion times but does the specialized pizza rack fit to the pinnacle arkose easily?

    Edit: scratch that realise it doesn’t

  • I need something that appears not to exist: a 1.25" tapered fork that is 12mm thru axle, flat mount and has cage mounts. Are my Google skills just weak?

  • @Jaap knows all about this.

  • In a good way?

  • Yes, he knows of at least two I believe.

  • That's what i thought when i purchased one without paying attention.

    Local bike shop helped out by providing a stabiliser leg adpator to use as a connector to the bolt on the underside of the fork. Just needed to drill a couple extra holes in it.

    Clearance is a little tight. It pushed the front of the mudguard down into the tire, so had to bolt it up to the rack. Then lateral alignment wasn't quite right so bodged a 2p coin to flatten out the curve of the mudguard for better sideways clearance.

    (excuse the handlebar/saddle levels, have been fixed now)

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  • I thought the mid fork eyelets are strictly for mudguards only and using them as rack mounts was verboten or have I been missinformed ?

  • Give a shout to @jameso see what he says. He's the master mind behind it.

    I've personally put a pizza rack on it before and loaded it up at around 8kg on rough roads to experiment (I had a spare fork). Didn't work out well.

  • No you’re right, not for load bearing.

  • Ah. bugger. Might not stick any load on this and keep an eye our for a new fork. what is the go to suggestion for new fork which can fit an arkose and take a rack?

  • Bombtrack EXT fork
    Curve has one
    Velocio has one might be called no. 11
    (The velocio one looks pretty crap irl)

  • I don't think that can take cargo, only 1.5kg per bolt.

  • They were never designed to be load bearing. You have Curve, Bombtrack, Whiskey or the proven one, Rodeo Labs

  • I answered another question.

  • what is the go to suggestion for new fork which can fit an arkose and take a rack?

    Surly Midnight Special fork with Hope adaptor.

  • Readers, really enjoying it since the switch to drops.

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  • My gravel / cyclocross off-reader is a much -maligned Cotic-X

    Tough as old boots and fits me like a glove. Steel frame & fork, 1x9 friction thumb shifter, bb7 SL brakes & hope hubz

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  • Both 1.5" taper, which is not what I need.

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