• but is it sexeh and a bit aero?

  • Definitely is sexeh. (also doesn't have the ugly droopy chainstays)
    I went for the interpretation that hippy wanted big tyres before a bit of aero.

  • Looks like the Arkose frame in Large is massive. Medium is sold out/discontinued. Very sad.

    Any other framesets I should be looking at? £800 budget otherwise will need to drop the custom wheel idea.

  • Tall could work, although same colour as my partners Arkose, couldn't cope with that.

  • It says made for flat mount, because it is different from the other version, which clearly states it's made for IS/Post mount..?

  • I would find it strange if a custom builder wouldn’t be able to add those features to a frame

  • I normally grab the seatpost from behind, under the stays.

    How many Stayers have you owned? Do you know the guys or something?

  • Yeah, I like the huge tyres. Aero is clearly meaningless when it's covered in bags and shit and I already have road bikes so I won't be swapping wheels and road racing on it.

  • Dude, I literally highlighted my issue with that sentence and you still missed it? :P

    Gimme a brake.


  • Neither are really custom though are they? They're basically off the peg frames. I like off the peg frames - it means when I inevitably destroy one I can replace it relatively quickly.

  • I've got a light tourer/audax thing (30c tyres with guards, 35 without) and a 650b fat tyred fixed gear. I know them now, yeah :P

    The tourer has had "a bit" of work done on the front end so make that two and a half.

  • Yeah they have five sizes for the groadingers and do them in small batches... though for a bit more money you can tweak things (there's also a custom geo option though they reckon you should most likely be covered by the sizes they have already)

  • You win some, and you loose (lose?) some.. not a native speaker.

  • I'm not a native speaker either.
    It's taken me years to get my English bad enough to fit in with this lot. ;)

  • Lose. Lose is the opposite of win, loose is the opposite of tight. As hippy says, quite a few native English speakers get it wrong.

  • Much like break/brake. Bloody homonyms.

  • Got lots of those in Swedish. Difference is they’re also spelled exactly the same way.

  • More specifically, they're homophones.

  • Much like the British dyslexia association is in Reading

  • About to build myself some 650b wheels. Does anyone have any experience of building/riding Kinlin TL-23 rims? Seem to get overall positive feedback online with some negative stuff about their QC.

    Any other tubeless ready, wide(ish) rims I should be considering (DT, WTB...)?

  • DT R500db, I built my wheelset with them and DT 350 hubs and it was faultless.

  • Thanks! They look like a good option and at a decent price as well

  • Can you peel the logos off the DT swiss rims? Heard great things but the logos are LOUD!

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