• Well yeah. Ideally i want a Boone but i thought i'd ask here

  • Giant defy?

  • 853 CDF with carbon fork but not cheap even at trade

  • Kinesis ATR? If so both the titanium and alloy framesets come with internal routing for Di2.

  • Just my experience. No idea what @B0N0R wants but IME my CdF doesn't feel like the "aggressive "roadie"" end of the gravel spectrum.

  • Ha. It was the DI2 that through me.

  • Arh yes I mean RTD.

  • ^that, MY2015, has v different geometry to current crop (and I think all post2016) CDF. Much more road style, square tt-st dimensions. I also have the frame linked, and have had multiple prior versions. It’s great, but probably still falls short of “aggressive” exactly. DI2 routing though

  • I know a couple of guys who do good mileages on road, are are 5'7" and ride S Arkoses with a more road-orientated set up.

  • So i'm building a Ti gravel bike (Singular Kite)
    The plan is to transfer all my stuff from my Rose Xeon - Zipp carbon bits and ultra Di2 hunt wheels then swap out the front mech and cranks for a single ring set up (shimano GRX) and reprogram the Di2 levers to just control the rear mech - left lever down and right lever up or vice versa. then 650b wheels, was thinking Hunt but should i go carbon instead? tyre recommendations?
    frame geo is custom based on my bike fit a few years ago and i'm going 142/115 dropouts for more compatibility with cheap wheel sets. and lastly i might swap out my compact drops for some flared things like some salsa cowchippers

    Only reason for post here is the production deadline is tomorrow to get on the next run so i have to commit. I'm pretty happy with the geo so far but going to double check that today - have i missed anything? should I get the EBB upgrade for single speed flexibility (i'm thinking yes)


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  • Drivetrain question!

    I’m tweaking my cross bike to be a bit better for distance riding and gravé. I’d like to fit a larger cassette.

    I’m running an old Ultegra 6600 shifter and derailleur 1x10. The rear hub is Dura Ace 7800 and current cassette is something Shimano 12-30t.

    Am I right in thinking 11sp mtb mechs would work with any non-DA 10sp road shifters?

    A mtb mech should have some small advantages over a roadlink/hanger extender?

  • Mtb mechs would have to be 9 speed and less without a Jtek/wolf tooth pulley thingie. I think you’re supposed to get crisper shiftering if you don’t use the hanger extender, but I’ve done it both ways and been pretty happy with both.

  • I see.

    Models of 9sp mtb mechs still clear a 36t cassette ok?

  • Yep. I’ve used 9 speed XTR and STX rear derailleurs with 36t cassettes no probs

  • Cheers.

    Those mechs are getting harder to find. I‘ll probably try and find a long cage M592.

  • Really enjoying riding my Pinnacle atm. Put some 700 Zipps and Nanos on ‘er and it’s like a totally new bike.

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  • the current alivio/acera 9 speed mechs will clear 36 and have the same pull ratio as old 9 speed. Most are also shadow so more modern/sleek looking and stiffer springs.

    (Just remembered they still make a 9 speed deore mech)

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  • OT but mad that Alivio looked like this a few years ago:

  • Not sure if still but they were available couple of years ago. Acera still have one that looks similar. Good to see progress. Just wish they would make tourney less shit.

    I like that they still brand the 9 speed stuff “mega 9” ... when I was 11 it was the height of tech....

  • Pinnacle


  • Seatpost cost more than the frame 😹

  • Yeah.

    I’m not a snob but ... does the Acera 9speeds ride/shift ok?

    They’re £12 !

    Most Shimano stuff does just work but I’d like to hear from someone who has used one.

    I had that 9sp ‘shadow’ Deore Mech on a 29er and it was pretty ok from what I remember.

  • Paints beik cammo
    Posts beik online

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