• Bike is winning!
    Very fun mix of modern and classic, but for me the best part is the classic fit/geometry in combination with the fat fork and headtube.

  • Thanks, that’s exactly what I was going for.

  • You can get a Nitto Mark’s rack or a Nitto made Obento in black. If you want it to reach the drop outs you can get longer stays.

  • My girlfriends frame cracked after the hanger bolt didn't sheer . They where very accommodating even though the fault was 50/50. A new frame bb and s works cranks came a few weeks later for a few hundred quid.

  • are there any pizza racks that will fit an arkose?

  • Are they 650b in a 26 frame?

  • Makes me miss my midnight special even more. Enjoy it!

  • Very good, love it!

  • Keep an eyes out for Suntour Retrofriction shifters, they offer amazing feedback which is very handy when riding on loose surface.

    I find downtube shifter easier off road as having bar end shifter is a little tricky when the bar is moving.

  • I have a pair of Simplex Retrofriction shifters but didn’t use them as they need a gear cable with a very small cable-end that I didn’t have. So went with the Dia Compe ENE micro-ratchet shifters.

    I may try the Simplex shifters in the future out of curiosity but I’m not sure I’ll want to give up the micro-ratchet. It feels and sounds lovely.

  • Nice build! Been toying with buying one. Have a very similar set of parts lying round.

  • but didn’t use them as they need a gear cable with a very small cable-end.

    Campag/SRAM basically (or a Clark/universal one from any shop).

    Shimano is the only one with a slightly larger end.

  • The Dia Compe is pretty much the best modern one you can get, until the Simplex, hence my recommendation.

  • Very nice built. Well done.

  • I had Suntour Retrofiction levers fitted to my touring bike in 84-87.. Yes, they had a lovely feel.
    I think I have a band on set in a box somewhere as well as some Suntour mechs of the same vintage.

  • They feel a lots better with a modern derailleur I have found (much lighter action).

  • Simplex Retrofriction were a common upgrade from Campag record in the early 70s due to smoother and lighter action (true as well, not a myth) although to keep sponsors happy in the pro ranks they often disguised it by using the rubber Campag covers

  • It also does not require constant tightening that the Campag tend to do.

    I mod my Retrofriction with an Allen bolt so I can experiment with torque setting and see what the lowest I can go without it coming loose.

  • The Campag weren’t great to use and I always like to break the tyranny of the groupset, even better when it can be justified by superior function

  • You’re both really making me want to try my Retrofriction shifters now over my micro-ratchet!

  • Used retro friction with my Campy Triomphe group cos the original shifters were totally pants.

  • Everything comes back sooner or later.

    Sounds like we are returning to 80s tourers ( Claude Butler Majestics , Holdsworths etc) with double chainsets. The standard issue back then was an SR 50/32 up front with a 30/32 5 speed on the back.

    The centre pull revival is coming!

  • Decathlon Gravel Bike

    They have introduced a new gravel bike based on the RC 120 frame.

    Selling for under £500.

    What reviews that there are come from France. The reviewers like the bike but are unimpressed by the wheels and tyres.

  • Nah, retrofriction are terrible. I will do the noble thing and buy them off you to avoid temptation and resulting disappointment ;)

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