• Is that a debadged restrap bag? Or some esoteric Cali equivalent.

  • why doesn't it even have matching tyres?

  • because you need a slick on the back for more grip on the gravel? No wait...

  • He customises bags and sells them under his own brand I think. I'd guess it's some Colorado (or thereabouts) based bag maker.

  • More shocked by the fact that Allied Cycle Works are still in business tbh

  • the front one? looks like an outershell drawcord bag to me. they are nice

  • they are the hotness amongst a certain crowd over here. also just insanely expensive.

  • Frame bag is most certainly a off the peg large restrap frame bag.

  • this is perfect

  • eyeing up the latest brother cycles big bro instead of the bootzipper now :') any other alternatives I should look at?

  • Discounted Genesis Longitute if you don’t mind the super slack seat tube.

  • It's for relaxed riding, certainly not full blown mtb'ing so not at all. Thanks for the tip!

  • By slack, I mean WAY slacker than normal, rather than MTB “slack” (From the new standard 74 seat angle).

  • aaaand deep into the rabbit hole of mtb geometry I go. It's been a while since I owned one so probably should do some more research. The big bro was only on sale for xl so no need to hurry.

    If anyone has any ideas: rigid mtb for commuting back-up (30km single ride), child towing, slow rides around the country, some day maybe some touring, ... So lots of mounts preferred.

  • Genesis Vagabond?

  • You'd have to size up considerably to use it with a flat bar in my experience.
    Still a good frame at reasonable price. I'm just waiting for funds to build mine up again.

  • Why is that? I bought one that I'm about to swap some flat bars on from current Salsa Cowbell setup so could use some advice

  • There's nothing wrong with the frame - it is just obvious it was designed for use with drop bars, because the reach is short. I had to use a 120 mm stem with On-One Marys to get the right fit on my medium frame..
    I have a 80 mm stem and a set of ritchey venturemax drop bars waiting in the parts bin for when I build it up again.

  • This, sometime it may not handle the way you want it with a long 90’s style stem.

    Still a good option if you need a taller frames tho.

  • they'll never go out of business.

    owned by the Walton kids that bought Rapha. More money than god.

  • Wow, resources that extensive and yet the frames still look like that...

  • Get people in with slightly fancy paint..

  • Definitely a good option..

  • rigid mtb for commuting back-up (30km single ride), child towing, slow rides around the country, some day maybe some touring, ... So lots of mounts preferred.

    if you can find one, the 2019 Marin Pine Mountain

    I've got a 2016 model and it ticks all the boxes you're seeking, plus good value.

  • Allegedly he preferred it to the Rapha one he was sponsored to use so cut the label out.... the bike might not be to everyone’s taste but it’s kind of a pimped up version of my cdf commuter, bet it’s loads of fun to ride, everyone is so fucking serious these days.

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