fs: planet x stealth pro carbon time trial frame set + extras

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  • After being set on the idea of building a carbon fixed, I scoped this frameset for a while on the Planet X website, and with their good reputation and all I purchased the Stealth Pro Carbon Time Trial Frameset, in XL and hot pink, (black wasn't available in XL, if it was going to be lairy I was going to go the whole way). I chose the TT over the track frame because I wanted the option of souping it up with some gears if need be later on, the only difference seems to be the cable guides, the removal mech hangers and bottle cage mounts. Along with the frame and forks I also purchased:

    -Planet X Microfibre Anti-Shock Bar Tape Black
    -KMC S1 Singlespeed Chain Brown
    -On-One Integrated Headset 1 18 inch Black
    -On-One Drooper Handlebar Polished Black 42cm Wide 31.8mm Clamp

    • Planet X Superlight Team Saddle CromMo Rails Black
      -Planet X Superlight Team 3D Forged Stem 110 mm Polished Black 6 degrees 31.8 mm Clamp
      -Planet X Carbon Steerer Fork Bung MK 2 1 18 inch

    All these parts, along with a Shimano Deore Bottom Bracket, a generic 48t cranset from ebay (which I was pleasantly surprised with) and a wheelset from my SS, were fitted to have it rideable until I could afford upgrades, however I am shortly moving to Glasgow and already have too many bikes to take with me, and so my big dreams of having a lean mean (pink) skidding carbon fibre machine have been cancelled.

    I am selling it as it stands, including the parts above (bar the SS wheelset) however I did plastidip it black when I got it in order to protect the frame (and hide some shame) however it acquired a few small cosmetic scratches after being hastily stored alongside my other bikes shortly before it was plastidipped, the scratches which I can assure are only cosmetic and are in small numbers. If you know about plastidip you will know it can be peeled off pretty much in the same way as dried PVA, and on initial thought to sell I began the process and so the top tube has been peeled back revealing the shiny pink (and quite fabulous) paint work, still clean and spotless, except the few small scratches as mentioned. I can fully remove the rest of the dip if wanted, but for transport purposes, its quite a handy protective layer.

    I paid £300 for the frame and just over £125 for the other bits from Planet X and eBay, would like £260 for the lot, considering the frame has less than 10 miles on it (I live out in the country side with hills which not even the most seasoned skidder can go down without approaching terminal velocity) I think that's a fairly reasonable price.

    Located just outside of Sittingbourne ME9 - a 45 min train ride from Victoria, which I can make for you if you are willing to pay for my ticket (I recently lost my job).

    Pictures to arrive very shortly.

  • Is this still available?

  • I'd be interested in F&F only if you would split?

  • Yeh man that depends on your offer as the parts individually are going to be harder to shift, that is if Cyklonus is no longer interested.

  • Im really interested but the talk of black plastidip sounds..different. do you have any photos of it with the dip?

  • Im afraid not, I'm currently in Glasgow and the bike is still down in Kent however I'll be coming back down either this weekend or the next and I can upload some then. I can understand your suspicion, not to insult your intelligence but have you heard of plastidip before? It's basically a liquid rubber you spray on, and is held on by the coverage rather than adhesive, it doesn't adhere to the frame so you can peel it off by hand and the paintwork underneath will be completely un effected. If you'd prefer I can do so and you'll never even know it was on there and I can take the pictures post peel so you can see for yourself. Either way let me know soon, thinking of peeling it and sticking it on eBay.

  • Im definitely interested. Ill pm you.

  • ....interested in chainset if you do split

  • Did this sell?

  • hi if this didn't sell i would be interested

  • Hi guys, sorry for the lack of responses but moving to Glasgow was more eventful than anticipated. I am back down south and still have the bike as mentioned above, I peeled off the plastidip to reveal it in all its pink glory except from the forks ( which are still the original PX ones that came with it) and it is back for sale, still untouched from before. I will include some fresh pictures, apologies for the low aperture but the lighting in the room is very low so expect maximum bokeh.


    Price still stands at £260
    Location at Me9
    Happy to travel into London safely with it if my train ticket is covered ( <£25)


  • cranks for sale?

  • Big up Sittingbourne, Moved to Cardiff from there a year ago, looking for a bike at the moment and this one looks promising. Would you be willing to post to Cardiff?

  • Pm'd

  • I moved back there for a reason I am yet to discover. I would prefer to sell it as one for minim effort but if it doesn't sell then I will be willing to sell the cranks seperately. If postage is covered and I can get my hands on a box then I would be willing to post to Cardiff sure, I'll hang on a couple of days to see if I get some replies to PMs then I'll get back to you on that one.

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  • contact me as soon as i can get the cranks please. thanks :)

  • No one interested in the London area before I post it away?

  • This is still available if anyone is interested, postage can be arranged.

  • have pm'd about cranks but still no response...

  • Sorry I'm trying to hold out to sell as one for someone in London area, if I don't get replies to PMs I'm waiting for soon I'll PM you to sell the cranks seperately. Sorry for the wait.

  • this still available?

  • PM'd 12 days ago

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fs: planet x stealth pro carbon time trial frame set + extras

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