Bringing an Eddy Merckx Professional back to it's glory

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  • Thanks, @SideshowBob

  • Pornworthy so far. Absolutely amazing.

  • Yellow outer cables or not...

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  • I think the cables look great as the colour is a good match to the decals. Who makes the outer ?

  • Velda Cable; a Belgian firm. If you want some too, I can always send you a couple of meter. They're reasonably priced: 4 euro/m.

  • And a panto chainring for it. A "reasonable" 53, @SideshowBob :-)

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  • found some extra's I actually wasn't looking for:

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  • After more than a year (or two) this build has come to an end. It's too nice to ride it, I'm afraid. ;-)

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  • SUCH a find. Really nice work

  • Thanks, @georgeholmes26

    It took me breaking down two other Professional's to have this one completed but I'm glad it finally worked out this way. Can't wait for dry roads to come to take it out.

  • Wow, you're on fire!

  • lol

    playing with Instagram. I recently (was forced to) changed phones from Nokia cellphone to a real 21 st century smartphone. ;)

  • Beautiful Merckx! What kind of tubing is it?

  • Thanks! Tubing is Columbus (SL).


  • 2 years have gone by and this bike hasn't been on the road for one single time. And that's a waste...

    So, time to do something about it.

    More after the weekend.

  • No surprise, I guess, I've built myself another neo retro.

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  • Long bike is long! Looks great, bet it rides fantastic as well.

  • Will tell you once summer arrives. :-)

  • lovely, you must have a massive stable of beautiful bikes!

  • Thanks, @dangerous_d Sold my Cinelli Supercorsa this week so one down. ;-)

    But still enough nice ones.

  • Hi! excavations, sorry: frame from 1981 (it is not 222 specimen produced by EMCycles, before E series was produced ~1000 frames in 1980), letters A,B,F,G,P do not mean Professional model (do not use, it is a waste of time), X = SLX, V is probably a designation of unusual frames (show, private Merckx frames). Long lugs" was used in ~1500 frames (I guarantee that Ugo De Rosa did not build them all - truth be told there is no proof that even one frame sold as "Eddy Merckx" was built by the Master), similarly to the dropouts of "De Rosa-style", flat fork crowns, etc. The bike is simply beautiful (just throw "12 stars on a blue background" - this sticker is 1992...)

    Translated with

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Bringing an Eddy Merckx Professional back to it's glory

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