That Corbyn fella...

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  • It would be a toxic hot potato for them, turn down an extradition request from US or face massive public anger at home

  • What the actual fuck
    I really hate this man­1660121807867905

  • Can you explain the controversy of this video, because I really don’t see it. He’s specifically talking about the Al-Nusra Front.

    Casualties of the Al-Nusra Front were absolutely taken to Israeli hospitals. There are numerous articles from different news sources about this:­ian-war-israel-al-nusra-golan-heights-al­lies-a7398246.html

    There’s even an interview with the former head of Israel’s intelligence agency, where he explains that they treat their enemies (Al-Nusra) humanely except when he’s asked sixty seconds later if they’d do the same for their enemies (Hezbollah).

    I genuinely don’t understand how it is a WTF moment, that Milne, in 2015, thinks this a topic worth thinking about?

  • You're right, just look at the state of his Twitter feed

  • I think its the way he puts it, as if its some big conspiracy. 'Its an interesting phenomenon' contains plenty of, lets say, moralising undertones.

    Why shouldn't Israel do a 'our enemy is your enemy so despite us being enemies lets not attack each other for the moment' kinda deal with Al Nusra Front? Its basic diplomacy. They have done similar deals with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Hamas in the early days, the PA. Thats just the machinations of a nation state.

    Milne is trying to hint that theres something more sinister there which feeds into alot of the anti semitic conspiracy theory rhetoric washing around the left wing of the Labour party that ISIS was a Zionist plot etc etc

  • Milne is trying to hint that theres something more sinister there which feeds into alot of the anti semitic conspiracy theory rhetoric that ISIS was a Zionist plot etc etc

    Thanks for spelling this out, I thought it would be obvious. The creepy thing about Milne is people don't see what he's doing.

  • The man is so out of touch with THIS election which is only on one issue­9/may/19/jeremy-corbyn-defends-labour-bi­d-leavers-remainers

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  • Does this fucking clown ever use the first person singular?­8419144

    You've just had your arse handed to you and this is the best you can do.

  • So is the Corbyn speaking at the anti Trump rally true, or just an unfair characterisation of the situation?

    With the Alistair Campbell mess last week he's clearly on a roll.

  • yeah poor alistair campbell, what a victim that guy is.

  • Not being a Labour Party member, I've got a pretty dim view of the guy. But given his contribution to the Labour Party (including putting them in Government), it looked like a petty, dick move.

  • Listening to Emily Thornberry on Today, apparently JC is actually negging Trump... TBF it's actually a pretty shrewd move when framed like that.

    She really is very good. Definitely think she'd be a good shout as party leader after the next election.

  • “And anyone that makes anti-Semitic remarks can expect at the very least to be reprimanded”

    Problem solved, well done Chris.

  • Corbyn least popular opposition leader since 1980.

  • No but it's the right wing establishment media bias surely

  • Chris Williamson is not a nice person.

  • Credit where it’s due; Corbyn has been impressive this week and played it to perfection. He seems to have upped his game at the despatch box too, I wonder if having Johnson as his opposition helps him as he clearly is contemptuous of the man.

  • Yep. He was good today. Concise too, which is unusual. The poisoned apple metaphor was very apt.

  • Yes indeed. Plus seems to be listening to more moderate views. Impressed that all the opposition parties seem to be working together at least for the moment.
    Would be nice if they'd do it a bit more when there's another hung parliament so we don't get johnson/Farage.

  • One thing to never forget about Corbyn is what an experienced parliamentarian he is; he's been in the Commons since 1983. Johnson's not very experienced--even May was far better than him--, and he's already shown that he's completely out of his depth when he tries to conduct government business. He speaks badly, misses the point or points, settles for inconsequential jokes over anything of substance, repeats the same attack lines (that may well have been found to be effective in their messaging trials) over and over, doesn't answer any questions (as he did when he pretended to be Mayor of London), and simply says nothing that would be difficult to reply to. Even Theresa May couldn't beat him in a race to the bottom. That's not to belittle Corbyn's achievement, but, quite frankly, Johnson's rubbish.

  • he's spoken very well over the last few days, boris rambles, other politicians get angry, shouty and argumental, corbyn just exudes a calm well thought out politician, shame there aren't more like him and ken clarke

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That Corbyn fella...

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