Tour de France 2016

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  • Thank you, but same problem I had yesterday. Programme and photo shows Tour de France, instead I get some kickball nonsense... Maybe it's because I'm on holiday in France?

    Pinot's ride is great but I agree with Lemond - it seems like he has given up on GC.

  • Ach, I got a pretty blank look when i asked if they were showing the tour.

  • Jeebus they're climbing fast with Sky & Movistar at the front

  • Kelderman just rolled a tub?!

  • Not very central, but both Beeline Bikes (up Cowley Rd) and ubyk (Abingdon Rd) are bikeshops that claim to have sofas and a coffee machine, but I've never tried to settle down to watch a race there.

  • when was the last time that happened?

  • Someone with paint and a grudge against Limoges just there. French chopper pilot not a fan either..

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  • Hard to tell who is less informative, Kirby/Kelly or French commentators who I can't understand. Occasional glimpses of Millar/Boulting make me jealous for people back in the UK. At least its 30 degrees and sunny here.

  • well this is unexpected

  • Froome pedalling whilst straddling the top tube looks hilarious

  • Whoa! Who taught Froomey how to descend

  • Froome finds a new way to make riding a bike look ugly

  • First one to observe a nodder/commuter doing the 'sitting on top tube and pedalling' thing wins this thread.

  • my three year old is telling me Froome's lost his seat. repeatedly in my ear.

  • But I love his determination, going for it Nibali style

  • How can he look at his stem in that position though?

  • They're not gonna catch him, are they? He's still pulling away!

  • Say what you will, he's gaining time at every turn

  • so praying mantis wasn't his even his final form. what's this one called?

  • SK just said OMG at this descending display. Mental tactics.

  • This Froome descent is incredible. Bloody scary though

  • Haha, Boulting on Froome's new technique:

    'He's doing it again, David'

  • When Sagan does it it's 'amazing', but if Froome dares (with much more at stake) its 'ugly'. Dude's a legend and this is a tactical masterclass. I reckon Quintana et al won't be getting updates on the downhill so they'll be shocked when they arrive at the bottom of to find Froome has 30 seconds it's tool late

  • Reckon he planned this and studied these roads, and where the food stop at the top was?

    Incredible tactics

  • Impressive win! kudos for his attack and determination. Loved every minute

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Tour de France 2016

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